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What is C:WindowsCSC folder? What does it store? C:WindowsCSC folder is the one where Windows keeps the cache of the files and folders for which offline files feature is enabled. Offline feature is present in Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 OS editions. Windows treats this folder as system file and does not disp CSC folder: The C:\ WindowsCSC folder used by the windows to keep the cache of the files and folder for which offline files feature is enabled. Windows does not display them in default configure because it treats this folder as system file I have deleted the profile, yet there is a leftover of 63 GB in the C:\Windows\CSC\v2.0.6\namespace\DC1\Folder Redirection\<userprofile>\Desktop folder. I cannot delete this folder as domain admin because I do not have the required permissions. I also cannot change the permissions or take ownership, Need to be given permissions by SYSTEM

CSC folder: The C:\ WindowsCSC folder used by the windows to keep the cache of the files and folder for which offline files feature is enabled. Windows does not display them in default configure because it treats this folder as system file. Then check the show hidden files/folder checkbox However the Patch Cleaner was really useful, managed to find and clear 23 Go of orphaned files. This is a massive improvement and thanks a lot for that!! According to TreeSize, it looks like the Installer folder got targeted, now down to 5.5 Go. Now remains only the CSC with this weird save or copy of large files (precisely: TrueCrypt. A scan of the system with TreeSize Free (there are many others like SequoiaView which I have used as well) revealed around 25GB in the C:WindowsCSC folder itself. On first thoughts I was wondering if this folder was some kind of C# compiler related folder but that was quickly ruled out In windows, some of the system files are protected by OS and can't be accessed by users with even administrator privileges. CSC cache stored in C:\Windows\CSC is one such folder. If you try to open the folder in windows explorer, you would be greeted with the window 'You don't currently have permission to access this folder

Open File Explorer from the taskbar.. Select View > Options > Change folder and search options.. Select the View tab and, in Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and OK Double-tap or double-click the Windows.old folder. Double-tap or double-click the Users folder. Double-tap or double-click your user name. Open the folders that contain the files you want to retrieve. Copy and paste the files that you want from each folder to a folder in Windows 8.1. Repeat steps 5-7 for each user account on your PC All files in the folder are cached the next time a full synchronization occurs. To delete files from the cache using the Offline Files Folder 1. Click a folder, and then on the Tools menu, click Folder Options. 2. On the Offline Files tab, click View Files. 3. Click the files you want to delete, and then on the File menu, click Delete Click Start, type regedit in the Search box, and then press ENTER.. Locate the following registry subkey, and then and right-click it: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\CSC Point to New, and then click Key.. Type Parameters in the name box for the new key. Right-click the Parameters key, point to New, and then click String Value.. To name the new value, type CacheLocation.

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The folder appeared to be otherwise empty and Windows wouldn't let me open it to see what was in it. After a quick Internet search, I learned that CSC stood for Client Side Cache; it's where Windows keeps copies of network files and folders so you can use them if the network goes down. This feature is enabled by default All the shared folders will be copied to your current computer automatically. Generally, the Windows offline files location is C:\Windows\CSC (CSC stands for Client Side Caching). Offline Files is a feature of Sync Centre, which allows you to access the network files while working offline

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  1. Want to move Offline Files Folder (Windows\CSC) I tried searching for offline in the forum and scanned through the 250 odd titles that came up but could not find reference to relocating the offline files folder. I frequently take an image of the system drive as a backup but, with an ever increasing offline folder (windows\csc), this is.
  2. What are all these files in my C:WINDOWSCSC directory? Raymond. August 27th, 2003. This is where Windows keeps the files that you have marked for being available offline. (CSC was the working name for the feature now called Offline Files. It stands for Client-Side Caching.) Raymond Chen . Follow . Tagged Tips/Support
  3. d mapping tool to create a structure that makes sense. Move files to these folders and keep adjusting as needed along the way. One example can be creating folder.

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Now click on 'View Offline files' tab. It opens Offline Files folder, select all the files, open some other folder on the local drive and paste the files there. Also asked, where does Windows 10 store offline files? Offline files are stored in [systemdrive]:windowsCSC folder. If OS is installed in C: drive then the cache location is C:Windows. CSC All of the files were still there residing on my local machine. Incredibly, they were never deleted automatically when I disabled the feature. I opened up the Windows\CSC directory and the default permissions don't allow access. So I had to right click and take ownership of the folder in order to be able to view the contents I am trying to programmatically recurse the C:\ drive getting all files- needless to say some folders and files are problematic -- the biggest problem I am having is entering the CSC folder under Windows... I can do it manually through explorer, but in code I have nothing but problems. I have · To change access security your code must hold a. Open File Explorer. Click on This PC from the left pane. Under the Devices and drives section, right-click the Local Disk drive and select the Properties option. Click the General tab

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  1. In what folder does windows XP store a backup of the registry when backing up the system state? \Windows\CSC folder? It is used to store offline files and folders. In a command line, what is the purpose of the ? in a filename? To help look things documents and other things up
  2. Use the Command Prompt to Clean Up the SxS Folder If you want a more thorough view of how much space the SxS folder is taking up and the option to clean up unneeded files, use the Command Prompt. 1
  3. Backing up or Relocating the Installer files and folders: For laptop or desktop users burn the contents of the Installer folder to a DVD (even if you have more than 12GB of files and folders it's only 3 DVD(s). You can use an external USB drive but if the drive should fail then all is lost. After the files have be safely burned to DVD media.

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It claimed that the file was located in c:\windows\CSC\d8. I ended up restarting the machine in safe mode, navigated to the c:\windows\CSC\d8 folder and couldn't even see the file in question. I took a chance and deleted the entire folder. I'm currently running a full scan on the computer and it looks as though the virus is gone I found the Windows folder was over 37GB in size (normal is 5-7GB), but the real culprit was the CSC folder (Client Side Cache) which itself was 32GB and which contained the unmovable files (green. By default, Windows store Offline files for all users on the computer under the folder C:\Windows\CSC. It is a protected system folder. The disk space limit defines the size and number of offline files stored on your computer. Windows deletes automatically cached files from the Offline Files cache on a least-recently used basis if the maximum. Profile Container GPO Folder Redirection: Redirect Follow Profile Folder to a DFS backed Share(No Replication): - Contact - Music - Saved Games - Searches - Desktop - Documents - Downloads - Favorites - Links - Pictures - Videos Desired State: For Laptop Users we want to Windows CSC Cached the GPO Redirected Folders

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  1. istrators group as an owner of a file or folder. With Windows Server 2003, there is a new button called Other Users or Groups that lets you use the object picker to select any user as an owner
  2. I have done an Easy Clean scan, deleted temp and useless files it found. Also did a Clean Up scan adn deleted. I checked Duplicate files and Easy Clean found about 1Gb of them but I did a search and read posts which advised agains deleting them all and Over Cleaning , what do u rekon? TIA Jac
  3. Which file system uses a 64-bit wide file allocation table and is best for large external storage devices? \Windows\CSC. Which Windows utility can you use to split a partition into two partitions? Disk Management. From which partition on a hard drive does startup BIOS try to boot an OS? active partition. What is the purpose of Pagefile.sys.
  4. Filename: C:\Windows\CSC\v2.0.6\namespace\server01\Shareddrive01\ Hash Type / File Hash: SHA-256 881C47FA638E064319BF2B2BC56663CE3D40B4416C7DDE8B1B19204EFB81ABC
  5. The file size is 507,940 bytes. The program has a visible window. The csc.exe file is located in the Windows folder, but it is not a Windows core file. The process starts upon Windows startup (see Registry key: MACHINE\Run). The application listens for or sends data on open ports to a LAN or the Internet. The file is not a Windows core file
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I noticed that the Windows\CSC folder was growing and updating each time. I researched and saw it had something to do with the Offline file so I went into the PC and disabled the Offline File ( This user has a laptop). After disabling the offline files it looked like the files were not growing anymore Windows Offline Files is a features in Windows which allows you to store local copies of networked shares, in order to access the offline. These files are typically stored in C:\Windows\CSC. CSC stands for Client Side Caching. The CSC Offline Files folder isn't accessible to users by default, so you can't navigate it just like any other folder

Hey guys the CSC folder in 1 of our computers in the network is taking so much spaces i found this impossible since offline files is disabled on this computer and disk cleanup cant get rid of it. Im planning ti delete the contents oc CSC folder manually but i dont know if its safe... can i have you suggestions... many thanks:grin On a portable I 'inherited' I find a hidden folder C:\WINDOWS\CSC containing the folders d1 to d8. Total size just over 8 GB. I suppose they are synchronised data. I want ro remove all synchronised data from this machine. The only user I can work with is the administrator, all the users that created the offline data don't exist anymore in the. Offline Files is a Win32 service. In Windows 10 it is starting only if the user, an application or another service starts it. When the Offline Files service is started, it is running as LocalSystem in a shared process of svchost.exe along with other services. If Offline Files fails to start, the failure details are being recorded into Event Log

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We had project in our company to create windows 10 installation that included implement folder redirection and offline files. After many tests and failed attempts to have both working I figured to post a working formula. Technet helps with the implementation but some points are very obscurely mentioned or not mentioned. What you need fo Ever heard of the C:\Windows\CSC folder? Me neither, but I noticed recently that a scanning program I was running was stuck on this folder, sifting through thousands and thousands of files. The folder appeared to be otherwise empty and Windows wouldn't let me open it to see what was in it. After a quick Internet Read mor

This code should delete any files or directories in your directory: import os, shutil folder = C:\Windows\CSC\v2.0.6\namespace for item in os.listdir(folder): path = os.path.join(folder, item) try: os.unlink(path) # delete if the item is a file except Exception as e: shutil.rmtree(path) # delete if the item is a folder mklink /J C:\\Windows\\CSC F:\\Offline (or any folder name include quotes if spaces present) Reopen the Manage Offline Files -> Enable Offline Files. Restart the machine; All files/folders that are made available offline should now be redirected to whichever folder you specified. Next This process can come in handy if you use offline folders. The problem I ran into was that the previous host was removed without all the clients being able to sync. Thus, I was left with orphaned Offline Files that were pointing to the old host. The best way to retrieve these files is to take the following steps actually, the question was on c:\windows\csc folder. i know it's offline folder stuff there. but normally when you delete offline folders, the size of csc also reduces. but in this user's case, it didn't, until i deleted offline folder with ctrl+shift, which re-initialize offline folder cache. this is what happened It is used to store offline files and folders. Well, depends what you mean by 'main folder', if your on windows and you mean the operating system folder, you find it usually under C:\Windows\ or.

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Right-click the Windows.old folder and select properties. Select the Security tab and click Advanced at the bottom. A new window will come up; click Change Permissions. At the new window, select Users (Name of computer/Users) and click Edit... Check the box that says Full Control to grant unquestioned access to the folder I get a similar result for the folder C:WindowsCSC user folder on my mounted image? One folder I can't make images of my Windows 8 drive. How can I access my if you want to see how my user folder behaves. I get the message 'You don't currently have permission to access this folder.' I took ownership of the folder but that didn't help

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First published on TECHNET on Dec 12, 2006 Several customers have asked us how to move the Offline Files cache location from the default location (c:windowscsc) to another volume. Here is a procedure for doing this. From an elevated command prompt, run the following command: REG ADD HKLMSystemC.. Many times the Group Policy Folder Redirection failed due to the folders were set to offline or automatic caching from the shares. To start with a clean user profile you can delete everything but still the Offline Files cache database is not reset. The offline files database is stored in C:\Windows\CSC

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  1. In the Disk Cleanup Options dialog, make sure to check the Files from all users on this computer box.. Then in the Disk Cleanup - Drive Selection dialog, click on the hard disk where the the Windows.old folder is and click OK. The system will then scan the drive for unnecessary files. Click on the Disk Cleanup tab and look for a checkbox that says Previous Windows installations
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  4. Sometimes you will need to move where the csc cache files are located as it can run the C: drive out of space. By default the CSC folder is under c:\windows\csc in a hidden folder. In Windows 2000 or Windows XP you can use the cachemov program which comes as part of the windows resource kit
  5. This clears out some space but not as much I would love to remove. I know the C:\Windows\CSC (where all the Offline Files are stored) is the problem here. I also know how to clean this folder. The only thing I don't know is why Offline Files don't get removed whenever I remove the User Profiles? Are Offline Files and User Profiles linked

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  1. So I was doing some research and I found that I should have a CSC folder in a path like c/windows/csc but after all kinds of searches and toggling betwen ocult/and not folders I decide to give up and ask here if someone could tell me if vista home premium sp2 have or not this folder. If not wath folder does the work of the csc folder.:wacko
  2. The default limit for the Offline Files cache size is 25% of the total disk space of the drive where the Offline Files cache is located (typically C:\Windows\CSC). The cache size can be configured through the Group Policy setting Limit disk space used by Offline Files. Encryption. The Offline Files cache can be encrypted using EFS
  3. The past few days I dealt with a nearly full drive. When searching for where all the space is used, I found that about 3.5 GB was in the C:\windows\csc (client side caching) folder which is used for offline caching of files on servers. Windows default is to have offline caching enabled, but after..

Have you looked for the CSC folder that is used by Offline Files? Usually c:\windows\CSC. That is where the files are stored if Offline Files was configured. Share. Improve this answer. Follow answered Nov 2 '10 at 18:00. Dave M Dave M. 4,474 20 20 gold badges 28 28 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges. 1. 1 All the files and folders that are described in this article are protected by default permissions to allow only SYSTEM and administrator access, and they contain only operating system components. Excluding an entire folder may be simpler but may not provide as much protection as excluding specific files based on file names Enable offline files Disable offline files. The other two options allow you to reopen the Sync Centre from before, and to check for offline files you may already have - if you don't have any, this won't show you any results, though. Click on the en/disabling button in the general tab, then click on 'Yes' at the bottom

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