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Experience The MDVIP Difference! Learn More About MDVIP's Program & Benefit Find The Best Deals For Gynecomastia. Compare Prices Online And Save Today GYNECOMASTIA (Male Breast Reduction) in Philadelphia & South Jersey Gynecomastia is the scientific term for enlarged breasts in males. The enlarged tissue is underneath the nipple and areola and the surrounding area

The condition is known as gynecomastia. At our Philadelphia practice, we perform male breast reduction surgery to remove the excess of breast tissue and skin. Male Breast Reduction Candidates Male breast reduction surgery may be performed on teens and adults that are suffering from the embarrassing effects of gynecomastia Gynecomastia Conveniently located to serve Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr, PA Almost 60% of all men will suffer from some degree of excess male breast growth, also known as Gynecomastia, sometime during their life. This condition, characterized by enlarged, puffy breasts, can be embarrassing and humiliating Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction Located in Bala Cynwyd and serving Philadelphia and South Jersey, Dr. Paul M. Glat, MD, FACS, performs male breast reduction surgery and other plastic surgery procedures for men. Refine the Shape and Tone of Your Ches

At The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia and Plymouth Meeting, PA, our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott A. Brenman specializes in gynecomastia surgery for men who want to get rid of the appearance of enlarged breasts. *Individual results may vary VIEW MORE PATIENT RESULTS Consultations Are Available No Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a very common problem for men. Breast reduction or gynecomastia surgery for men can dramatically improve the chest's appearance. Dr. Evan Sorokin is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in body contouring procedures. He uses liposuction to give south Philadelphia women and men the fit, firm look they. Gynecomastia is a condition that affects many of the male population. Gynecomastia means feminization of the male breast and it occurs when male breasts become larger than normal. Gynecomastia is not caused by additional fat in the body, rather It is due to the presence of extra tissue in the breast

PLASTIC SURGEON & MEDICAL SPA SERVING BRYN MAWR, VILLANOVA & COMMUNITIES NEAR THE MAIN LINE OF PHILADELPHIA, PA Excessive male breast tissue, a condition called gynecomastia, impacts roughly 40-60% of men in the United States. For many people experiencing this common condition, it can be a source of self-consciousness or embarrassment Gynecomastia causes the appearance of enlarged breasts in adult and adolescent men. In addition to overdeveloped glandular tissue, excess fat may also be present. In some cases, the breasts may be so large that some degree of ptosis (sagging) can occur Final Words on Gynecomastia Surgery for Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, and Philadelphia Losing a large amount of weight can result in stretched-out skin tissue that sags, creating the appearance of breasts on a male chest. This excess tissue can be removed, and the nipples can be returned to their normal position on the chest Gynecomastia, the overdevelopment or enlargement of male breast tissue, is a common problem for many men. Up to 60% of men will have some degree of gynecomastia during their lifetime. Located in Bala Cynwyd and serving Philadelphia, Dr. Emily Pollard at Pollard Plastic Surgery offers gynecomastia surgery to men who desire a flat, defined chest What is Gynecomastia Surgery? For our patients in Philadelphia gynecomastia surgery is a way to surgically correct the sagging skin and excess fatty tissue caused by gynecomastia. Whether the cause is hormonal or aging, Dr. Subbio can create a treatment plan to reduce the size of your breasts and sculpt a shape that more closely resembles your vision for yourself

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  1. ine shape and size. Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward S. Kole, offers male breast reduction for men in Southampton, Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Montgomery County and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania
  2. Philadelphia, PA 19107. What is gynecomastia Philadelphia. What is Gynecomastia and How Can I Treat It? Many men suffer from a medical condition called gynecomastia, [...] By Dr Brenman | 2021-03-15T14:45:07+00:00 October 3rd, 2020
  3. Gynecomastia (also spelled Gynaecomastia), [a] is the abnormal non-cancerous enlargement of one or both breasts in men due to the growth of breast tissue as a result of a hormone imbalance between estrogen and androgen . Gynecomastia can cause significant psychological distress or unease . Gynecomastia A young adult male with significant gynecomastia Pronunciation / ˌ ɡ aɪ n ɪ k oʊ ˈ m.
  4. Gynecomastia (Greek for women-like breasts) is actually very common, affecting 40-60% of men and many men seek correction of this condition. Dr. Lo is a TOP DOC and Gynecomastia Specialist in Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware
  5. Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, and Philadelphia Area Men and Women Can Freeze Away Fat. CoolSculpting ®, available to Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, and Philadelphia-area patients at Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa, is the only FDA-cleared, nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to safely and effectively freeze away unwanted fat.. Developed by Harvard physician scientists.
  6. My Gynecomastia Surgeon, Philadelphia. 210 likes · 1 talking about this. Male Cosmetic Surgery specialist Dr. Adrian Lo performs over 100 'male breast reduction' aka Gynecomastia surgeries per year
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For any man dealing with the development of breasts—known as gynecomastia—in the Philadelphia area, Dr. Kevin Cross offers male breast reduction surgery. Gynecomastia is a common problem impacting men of all ages and from all walks of life. Because gynecomastia causes breasts to form, men dealing with the problem may completely avoid time. Plastic Surgeon & Medical Spa Serving Bryn Mawr and The Main Line of Philadelphia, PA Gynecomastia (overdevelopment of male breasts) is a common condition characterized by an excess of localized fat and/or glandular tissue in the breast Philadelphia Pennsylvania Endocrinologist Doctors physician directory - Gynecomastia is condition in which the gland tissue enlarges the the male breast(s). There are numerous causes of gynecomastia. Medications and surgery can correct and cure the problem

82 Gynecomastia Surgery doctors in Philadelphia, PA Map. List. Location . 11.6 mi Bhupesh Vasisht, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 161 reviews. 1307 White Horse Rd., Ste. E501, Voorhees, New Jersey . Virtual consultations accepted. 19 yrs exp. Research and find the best doctors for Gynecomastia Repair in Philadelphia. Compare doctors, read patient reviews, background information and more. Book an appointment today Located in Bala Cynwyd and serving the entire Philadelphia area and beyond, Dr. Paul M. Glat, MD, FACS, performs breast reduction surgery to help women with overly-large breasts live happier, more comfortable lives. Dr. Glat also performs gynecomastia surgery for male breast reduction ‍⚕️Procedure: Gynecomastia Surgery TOTAL BODY VASER LIPO Goal: Achieve an etched, defined and contoured body Results: Immediate, perfect results Not.. Boys and girls come to us for a variety of issues associated with breast and chest wall disorders, including pain or discomfort, functional problems that limit activity, and concerns about their appearance.Our multidisciplinary Breast Program team will provide your child with a full range of treatment options and follow-up care

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With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Adrian Lo is the top plastic surgeon for gynecomastia in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area. With Man Boobs affecti.. My Gynecomastia Surgeon, Philadelphia. 198 likes. Male Cosmetic Surgery specialist Dr. Adrian Lo performs over 100 'male breast enlargement' aka Gynecomastia surgeries per year, helping men of all ages Your body is not always a perfect regulator of your hormones, says Adrian Lo, M.D., a plastic surgeon based in Philadelphia who specializes in gynecomastia. Related: Banish Your Man Boobs With. Gynecomastia (also spelled Gynaecomastia) is an endocrine system disorder in which a noncancerous increase in the size of male breast tissue occurs. Psychological distress or dysphoria may occur.. The development of gynecomastia is usually associated with benign pubertal changes. However, 75% of pubertal gynecomastia cases resolve within two years of onset without treatment

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Post-Op Breast reduction for men (Gynecomastia) Photos: 1 Year Feeling embarrassed, this 34-year-old man from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania came to board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mordcai Blau, for treatment of his large male breasts (Gynecomastia) condition Gynecomastia, often referred to as male breasts or even man boobs is a common occurrence with well over half of all teens experiencing this during puberty. For many, it resolves but for some, it persists. Since this is a medical issue of overdevelopment of the breast, no matter what you do, they are still there..

In July 2016, a Philadelphia jury awarded $70 million to Andrew Yount, a Tennessee teen who blamed the drug for causing him to develop female-size breasts. The award is the largest in Philadelphia litigation over the drug and gynecomastia, according to Bloomberg Gynecomastia is a hormonal condition that affects males, most often adolescents. It results in overly large breasts in one or both breasts. Although it is often temporary, particularly for boys, it can still be a source of insecurity.At Jefferson Plastic Surgery, we understand patients with gynecomastia are looking for options to correct this problem. One of the more common questions we hear. Male Breast Reduction, or Gynecomastia, is a popular procedure in Philadelphia for men who suffer from overly large breasts. Male breasts can interfere with confidence, clothing, exercise, and more. Select a name from the list above to schedule a personal consultation for Male Breast Reduction in Philadelphia In all, there are more than 1,200 Risperdal lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson and Janssen pending in consolidated litigation in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. They allege, among other things, that the drug caused gynecomastia and other severe medical conditions and that the manufacturer never warned consumers about the risks Risperdal gynecomastia litigation. Hundreds of Risperdal lawsuits have been filed charging that boys and young men who took the drug developed the abnormal breast growth condition known as gynecomastia. Many of these cases are being handled as part of a consolidated proceeding in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

Philadelphia Risperdal Gynecomastia Lawsuit Attorney. As a young man or boy, who has developed gynecomastia while taking Risperdal, you may seek legal recourse for the harm caused. Risperdal is an antipsychotic drug, whose active ingredient risperidone is manufactured and distributed by Johnson & Johnson Janssen agrees to settle two Risperdal gynecomastia cases in Philadelphia Posted by: Hood National Law Group , in: Dangerous Drugs Nov. 3, 2016 - San Diego, CA - Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals settled two lawsuits over its antipsychotic drug Risperdal last week, one just days before it was set to go trial in Philadelphia Find local Gynecomastia resources for the top U.S. cities - includes physician directory, list of local hospitals, and emergency contact Specialties: Until now, you have felt that your only option was to hide the problem under baggy t-shirts, tape your chest or wear a tight binder. Or, you might have tried to take pills found on the internet that promise to get rid of you

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Case #4618 - Male Breast Reduction / Gynecomastia Patient is a 54 year old 5'10 male who had a gynecomastia excision after a weight loss of 90lbs. He is 3 months post-op Alleged victims of Risperdal and gynecomastia may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Learn more about the alleged association between Risperdal and gynecomastia when you visit Bernstein Liebhard LLP's website. For a free case review, please call 800-511-5092 PHILADELPHIA — (Mealey's) After a three-week hiatus for the production of newly discovered defense data about the safety of Risperdal and three more days of testimony, a Pennsylvania state court jury on Dec. 11 found that Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. and parent company Johnson & Johnson failed to warn a physician about the risk of gynecomastia to a 12-year-old boy and awarded the plaintiff. Gynecomastia surgery can be combined with other forms of body contouring procedures such as liposuction and abdominoplasty, or other elective procedures. View Berore & After Gallery Dr. Benjamin Lam proudly provides patients from Langhorne, Philadelphia, Newtown, New Hope and Doylestown PA and surrounding areas with gynecomastia surgery Gynecomastia surgery in Philadelphia, PA. Male breast reduction to treat gynecomastia in Philadelphia and Montgomery county, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Risperdal Lawsuits. As of March 2019, more than 6,700 Risperdal lawsuits had been filed in the Philadelphia Complex Litigation Center (CLC), a special Pennsylvania State court designed to handle large-scale civil trials (also known as mass torts) Gynecomastia is a condition that causes teen boys or men's breast tissue to grow. a Philadelphia judge granted a summary judgment in J&J's favor for an outstanding lawsuit related to. Gynecomastia or breast tissue development in males may be caused by Risperdal antipsychotic action. Risperdal works by blocking dopamine and has an affect on the pituitary gland which may stimulate the production of prolactin, a hormone used for production of breast tissue and lactation in pregnant or nursing women PHILADELPHIA — (Mealey's) A Pennsylvania state court jury on Feb. 24 awarded $2.5 million to the family of a man who claimed that the atypical antipsychotic drug Risperdal caused gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts (P.P., et al. v. Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., et al., No. 120401997, Pa. Comm. Pls., Philadelphia Co.)

Power-Assisted Liposculpture (PAL) PAL is performed with specialized, thinner cannulas attached to a powered handpiece. The tip of the PAL cannula vibrates with small, rapid reciprocating motions, allowing the fat to be removed with less effort In the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County Civil Division at No(s): March Term, 2013, No. 01803, developed gynecomastia as a result of Appellees' failure to notify physicians, health care providers, and the FDA of the significant risk of gynecomastia Risperdal Gynecomastia and Diabetes Injury Lawsuits. Lawsuits brought by a Philadelphia Risperdal injury lawyer against Risperdal manufacturer Johnson & Johnson (J&J) may allege that Johnson & Johnson (J&J): was aware or should have been aware of the increased risks of excessive weight gain, diabetes, and gynecomastia associated with Risperdal us PHILADELPHIA — A Pennsylvania state court judge on Dec. 13 granted a motion for a nonsuit in a Risperdal gynecomastia case that was 10 days into trial in the Philadelphia County Common Pleas Court (TM, et al. v. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., et al., No. 130501076, Pa. Comm. Pls., Philadelphia Co.) Risperdal causes gynecomastia, or enlarged breasts, in men. Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. settled the lawsuit of a New York boy who took the antipsychotic drug Risperdal and grew female breasts, just before the case was to go on trial in Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, according to Law360.. The case is Zachary Sabol et al. v. Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. et al., case number 130402100.

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Contact a Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyer About Risperdal Lawsuit Compensation. Gynecomastia is an extremely stressful and embarrassing condition for men and boys, many of whom require costly, risky surgery in order to remove the excess breast tissue. Gynecomastia victims in Pennsylvania should know about their legal options Gynecomastia is a condition that can lead to the appearance of female-like breasts in men because of excess tissue that develops in the chest. Men who are affected will often see the effects of this during adolescence. Dr. Yaker and Dr. Haidenberg are skilled Plano gynecomastia surgeon offering numerous male breast reduction surgical.

In a consolidated proceeding established in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, court documents reveal that some 275 claims have been filed on behalf of men and young boys who allege they suffer from Risperdal gynecomastia. The lawsuits also allege that Risperdal was inappropriately promoted off-label Best Liposuction in Philadelphia. Dr. Ran Stark is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in liposuction procedure located in Mainline area The Firm is representing numerous clients in Risperdal lawsuits that allege gynecomastia in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. We are pleased to see Risperdal lawsuits in Philadelphia continuing to move forward, as our Firm is currently representing numerous individuals whose claims have been filed there 2021-05-03 - Gynecomastia is a severe side-effect linked to Risperdal resulting in thousands of lawsuits. Outsource medical-legal cases & simplify your process.Risperdal (risperidone) is a class of drugs called atypical antipsychotic, developed and manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a division of Johnson & Johnson. It was initially approved in the U.S. by the FDA in 1993 for the.

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When abnormally large breasts develop in males, it is called gynecomastia. It is due to the excess growth of breast tissue, not excess fat tissue Gynecomastia.org is the world's #1 resource for men seeking support and information on gynecomastia. Established in 1986, the international forum and gynecomastia surgeon referral network have provided unprecedented resources to the gynecomastia community and beyond for over 30 years Gynecomastia is the most common male breast disorder. It's not a tumor but an increase in fatty tissue of a man's breast. Most men don't have enough breast tissue to be felt or seen

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Gynecomastia (commonly known as the ムman boobs') is the abnormally enlarged condition of male breasts, and there are various non-invasive treatments for breast reduction. Gynecomastia occurs when there is an excessive growth in the glandular and fatty tissues around the male breasts. Male breast enlargement or gynecomastia is a common phenomenon that affects 40-60% of men In: Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 16th ed, Behman RE, Kliegman RM, Jenson HB (Eds), WB Saunders, Philadelphia 2000. Auchterlonie IA, Cameron J, Wallace AM, et al. Pre-pubertal gynaecomastia as the presenting feature of late-onset 21-hydroxylase deficiency

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Risperdal Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is the overdevelopment of breast tissues in males. Studies link Risperdal to high levels of prolactin. Prolactin is a hormone that increases breast milk production in women. The drug causes men's breasts to become overgrown. Gynecomastia occurs in young men and causes physical health issues Former Philadelphia Flyer Bernie Parent, left, talks about his Cool Sculpting procedure with Dr. Steven L. Davis, right, at Davis Cosmetic Surgery in Cherry Hill, Monday, Jan. 19, 2015

Cross Medical Group provides both plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments for women and men seeking care in the Philadelphia area. Choose from breast augmentation (implants or fat transfer), breast reduction surgery (including for men dealing with gynecomastia), Mommy Makeovers, tummy tucks, liposuction, facelift, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and other surgical procedures, as well as BOTOX. gynecomastia that persist for longer than one year are less likely to be reversed by medical management, because of increased stromal hyalinization, dilatation of the ducts and a marked reduction in proliferation. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier, Inc. 2016. Chapter 585. Medical Coverage Policy: 0195. Johnson & Johnson and a subsidiary were ordered to pay $8 billion in punitive damages after lawyers argued anitpsychotic drug Risperdal was linked to abnormal growth of female breast tissue in boys January 26, 2015 — Attorneys representing a boy who developed enlarged breast tissue (gynecomastia) after taking Risperdal have presented opening arguments to a jury in Philadelphia, in one of the first cases to go to trial.The case concerns Austin Pledger, a 20 year-old from Alabama, who was prescribed Risperdal in July 2002, when he was 8 years old

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Murray's attorneys pointed to a 2002 label for the drug, in which Janssen said that risks are rare, categorizing their link to gynecomastia at 1 in 1,000. But a different label in 2006 said the. Philadelphia Jury Hits J&J with $70 Million Verdict in Risperdal Gynecomastia Case. Author: Joseph O'Neill On July 1 st, a jury in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas returned a $70 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson. This was for failing to warn of the risks of its antipsychotic drug Risperdal; which has been linked to the. In 2015, Kessler testified in a Philadelphia trial that Johnson & Johnson knew as early as 2001 that Risperdal could cause gynecomastia in boys, five years prior to the company adding a warning about such a side effect on its label. The crux of most Risperdal cases is whether the company adequately warned the plaintiff of the drug's side effects


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Gynecomastia is a condition in which the male breasts are larger than usual. This condition can leave men feeling self-conscious and anxious about their appearance. Fortunately, Philadelphia gynecomastia surgeon Dr. David A. Bottger has years of experience treating this condition and can help you feel more confident in your appearance In fact, the most recent Risperdal gynecomastia trial concluded last month, when a jury awarded $8 million in punitive damages to a plaintiff who was prescribed the medication in 2003 to treat Asperger's Syndrome. In November 2015, another Philadelphia jury had awarded the same plaintiff $680,000 in compensatory damages On May 27, 2015, lawyers filed a lawsuit on behalf of a California boy who developed gynecomastia after taking the anti-psychotic drug Risperdal. Johnson and Johnson settled the case just hours into opening arguments. In the first three months of 2017, more than 3,000 additional Risperdal lawsuits were filed in Philadelphia Common Court of Pleas Gynecomastia is listed as a rare side effect of numerous antihypertensive medications . It occurs in <1% of persons who take these medications and in most cases the incidence is no more common than that seen with placebo. However, one antihypertensive medication that is commonly associated with gynecomastia is spironolactone

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Henley D, Lipson N, Kovach K, et al. Pubertal gynecomastia linked to lavender and tea tree oils. N Engl J Med. 2007;356:479-485. 8. Ma N, Geffnes M. Gynecomastia in prepubertal and pubertal boys. Curr Opin Pediatr. 2008;20:465-470. 9. Eberle AJ, Sparrow JT, Keenan BS. Treatment of persistent pubertal gynecomastia with dihydrotestosterone. A series of Risperdal gynecomastia lawsuits are set for trial to begin later this year and early next year in Pennsylvania state court, involving claims brought on behalf of boys and young men who ex Most adolescents with gynecomastia are best managed by reassurance and observation 11 (), 3 and no laboratory or radiographic studies are recommended in most cases. Exceptions would be gynecomastia that develops before the onset of puberty; evidence of undervirilization on physical examination; a testicular mass; or persistence of gynecomastia beyond the usual observation period of 12 to 18. Gynecomastia is a disfiguring side effect of Risperdal in which young boys grow female breast tissue. Treatment usually involves surgery. Johnson & Johnson is facing thousands of lawsuits nationwide, but a growing number are now centralized at the state-level in Philadelphia, where the number of lawsuits skyrocketed by 185% since January

In February 2015, the first Risperdal trial went before a Philadelphia jury, resulting in a $2.5 million damage award for a 20 year old man who suffered gynecomastia breast growth after using the medication for treatment of autism when he was 8 years old A Philadelphia jury hammered a Johnson & Johnson unit with an $8 billion punitive damages verdict on Tuesday after agreeing the company had recklessly ignored the risks that the antipsychotic drug.

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In 2016, a Philadelphia jury ordered Johnson & Johnson's subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, to pay $70 million to the family of a boy who suffered from gynecomastia after taking Risperdal. Four additional cases have also been tried in Philadelphia, all of which produced verdicts ranging from $500,000 to $2.2 million On Gynecomastia (Patients from Philadelphia and Pittsburg Pennsylvania PA) - Dr. Mordcai Blau. On Gynecomastia (Patients from the Midwest, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois) - Dr. Mordcai Blau. On Gynecomastia (Patients from Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Canada)- Dr. Mordcai Blau

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Nicholas Bastidas, MD is a New York-based Northwell Health physician who specializes in Plastic Surgery, Craniofacial Surger Gynecomastia is another name for this male breast growth. It can occur in both breasts or in only one. If Risperdal affects both of a boy's breasts, one can grow larger than the other. These breasts may also leak milk, as the breasts of a woman who is breast-feeding often do. Contact our Philadelphia Risperdal Drug Injury Lawyer In the largest award yet made in a Risperdal gynecomastia trial, last week a Philadelphia jury awarded $70 million to a Tennessee boy who developed female breasts (gynecomastia) after taking the antipsychotic drug Risperdal. This case was the fifth Risperdal gynecomastia case to be tried in Philadelphia Records from the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas reveal more than 3,000 new Risperdal lawsuits were filed in the first three months of 2017, driving up the total number of filings in. The Pennsylvania Risperdal litigation has been trying gynecomastia cases since February 2015, with four juries awarding plaintiffs damages ranging from $500,000 to $70 million. The defendants have.

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Gynecomastia is a condition that causes teen boys or men's breast tissue to grow. a Philadelphia judge granted a summary judgment in J&J's favor for an outstanding lawsuit related to Risperdal. Scar Revision / Chest Lipo Surgery for Gynecomastia - Philadelphia, PA. More about Scar Removal. Phillytomcat; Worth It $4,020; Adrian Lo, MD, Philadelphia, PA Reviews you can trust, from real people like you. How it works. In March 2015, another Philadelphia jury found that J&J failed to properly warn of the risk of gynecomastia from the use of Risperdal, although the jury determined that the plaintiff's use of Risperdal was not the substantial contributing factor to his breast development and awarded no damages. Contact Lewis Saul & Associates, P.C

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