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Tutorial on Entity Linking (Speaker: Laura Dietz)

  1. Automatic Synonym Discovery with Knowledge Bases
  2. NLP Using Python Synonyms tutorial 6
  3. Natural Language Understanding by means of current Word Sense Disambiguation. EurASc 2019 (7)
  4. Ancient Jericho & Cymatic Frequency & Devine Harmonics.
  5. Worldbuilding | A Floating Archipelago
  6. Are Languages Getting Simpler?
  7. Procrastinate - Word of the day

World's Most Complicated Writing System (corrections in the description)

  1. a joke about measurement
  2. Vötgil: An Engineered Auxiliary Language
  3. Conlang Critic Episode Thirteen: Esperanto
  4. Endnotes Spelling Bee: Why 'u' became 'o' and 'i' became 'y'
  5. AWS Serverless Security: the Most Secure Way to Build in the Cloud
  6. Day 1 - 4. Dataset Construction Method for Word Reading Disambiguation

Human-Level Performance on Word Analogy Questions by Latent Relational Analysis

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