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Landscaping Pine Straw Calculator | Golden Landscaping Supply Cumming Georgia's Best Landscaping Supply Use our calculator to determine the number of bales of pine straw required for your project Not sure how much pine straw you need? Use our Straw Calculator to help you determine an approximate amount. Whether first-time application, or a reapplication, our calculator is nifty tool to assist you in your landscape design

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Calculate how much pine straw you need for a landscape by measuring carefully prior to placing your mulch order and you will be sure to have enough pine straw to cover your garden areas. Purchase one bale of pine straw for every 100 square feet of landscape area to apply the pine straw in a 2-inch layer Calculate the number based on square footage of the wall surface area Another way to estimate your bale needs is to go a bit more in depth and calculate the number based on square footage of the wall surface area. In other words, you calculate the total lineal feet of straw bale wall and then multiply that by the height of the walls Place your Order of Pine Straw Bales. How to Order: Use the bale calculator to help determine number of bales to order. Then use the Order form below to place your Pine Straw Bale Order. Please give us a 3-day advance notice on the delivery date CleanStraw CleanStraw Long leaf Pine needles. The bagged long leaf pine straw is an alternative to the typical bales or rolls. They make it convenient to store and carry more straw without the mess or busted bales. Pine straw can be used as a ground cover or mulch. It beautifies the landscape while improving the soil and controlling weeds Bales. 50-99 bales of long needle straw delivery and installed @$6.75 per bale tax included. 100-499 bales of long needle straw delivery and installed @$6.50 per bale tax included. 500-999 bales of long needle straw delivery and installed @$6.40 per bale tax included. 1,000 or more bales of long needle delivery and installed @$5.95 per bale tax.

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The Rolled Pine Straw can be used as ground cover and mulch, as well as an addition to your flower beds. This straw provides help with erosion control, creating a beautiful healthy landscape for your home. Each roll is equal to 2.25 of the traditional square bales and is net wrapped to prevent the loss of material Good coverage is usually around 2-3000 lbs per acre with straw. Using 40 lb bales one should cover an acre with approx 50 bales as a minimum coverage and 75 bales will give you 3000 lbs per acre. Since the blowers chop the straw you will get better coverage blowing than with scattering by hand, simply because the clumps and lumps are eliminated

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One bale of Long Leaf straw covers approximately 50 square feet at 2 deep (recommended for beds with existing straw) and 45 square at 3 deep (recommended to cover bare/new ground). Our premium mulches and pine straw are of the finest quality and are alway s fresh. Benefits of mulching: Retains moisture in your soil. Helps with weed. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website Premium Pine Straw By The Bale Click To Call 910-793-9111 Wilmington's One Stop Shop For All Your Landscape Supplies! 6512 Carolina Beach Rd, Wilmington, NC 28412 Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm | Saturday 8:00 am - 1:00 pm Saturday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm March, April, May 910-793-9111 Email Mikes Mulch &

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Long Needle Pine Straw is a natural mulch that has been raked and baled in rectangles that are 14X14X28. Coverage depends on how thick the straw is spread. A bale will typically cover approximately 30-40 square feet at a 3 inch depth and about 50-60 square feet at a 2 inch depth Want to know how many bales of pine straw you will need for your landscaping job? Find out with our pine straw calculator. Do you own a pine tract? Would you like to gain multiple years of additional revenue from your property before harvest? Find out how, along with some of the many benefits

Corbin's Baled Pine Straw is still baled in the same way our founder, C.E. Corbin, baled straw over 30 years ago. All of our straw is hand-raked, machine compressed and tied by hand with string. Our method is a bit old-fashioned and more costly to us, but the end result is a far superior product Bales are messy, bulky and a pain to lug around. With CleanStraw natural longleaf pine needles. you know you're getting premium, longleaf pine straw that's mess-free and easy to spread. Thanks to our PurePine Technology, you can enjoy all the beauty and benefits of pine straw without the frustration of sticks, pine cones, leaves and other. Pine straw should be spread 2 - 3 inches deep on the ground surface. You will receive the pine straw from The Pine Straw Store® packed in boxes or on pallets, the pine straw should be taken from the boxes in handfuls and shaken over desired area so that it is distributed in a loose, fluffy manner Only available in Bales. Approximate Coverage Area: 40 sq. ft. Dimension of Bales: 18 x 18 x 32 in. Approximate Dry Weight: 25 lb. Pine Straw Benefits. 1) Spreading pine straw mulch is easy - and fast. It is relatively light and it comes in bales, which can be carried to the bed where it is needed

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  1. Pine straw is an excellent choice for azaleas and all other acidic loving plants. It mats together well so it helps hold it in place and keeps it from washing. One bale covers 10-12 sq. ft
  2. Pine Straw knits together and holds in place during heavy rain, helping to prevent soil erosion. One 20-30# bale covers 70 t0 100 square feet at 3 inches. 1-47 bales =$8.50 per bale OR 48+ bales =$8.00 per bale
  3. Each bale will yield about 50 square feet. Before calling us with your order, measure the area that you wish to spread pine straw - length and width are enough - and we can calculate the volume that you need. Or you can use our Product Calculator
  4. Rake and bale pine straw into standard bales weighing between 15 and 20 lbs. Bales should be around the average side of 14 inches by 14 inches by 28 inches. A mechanical box baler can help speed up the process, especially for a large area. Pine straw harvests can occur year round, but the largest crop is usually obtained between October and.
  5. Color: Red Sold by: Bale Discription: Pine straw mulch benefits go beyond the listed attributes and create ideal conditions for acid-loving plants and help acidify alkaline soils. Pine straw mulch is lighter weight than bark mulch. This allows for greater percolation of water and is easy to distribute

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  1. Click to Access--Pine Straw Calculator( 1 Bale Covers approx. 38 sqft.) M ulch Installation/Delivery . Mulch is an specialized ground covering used to insulate plants and soil, and to beautify landscapes. Mulch helps to prevent weeds from growing, adds nutrients to plants and soil, protects soil from erosion, and conserves moisture
  2. 82 x 24 size, 9' sides, 5200 axles, covered top, brakes; holds 567 bales *****Limited to a 75 mile radius from Hartford, AL for delivery***** For a customized quote call us today! Other options (in Bale Count): 336 bale wagon; 567 bale wagon; 1197 bale Trailer; 1323 bale Trailer; 1449 bale Traile
  3. How much pine straw do I need? A bale of pine straw covers about 35 square feet (the size of a 5-by-7 full-size mattress). Use our simple bale calculator to help you figure out just how much you need. Should I remove the old straw (or leaves) before I put the new straw down? No. Straw disintegrates more quickly on bar
  4. Pine Straw (bales) - Used for a long time in the south, pine straw mulch is has been gaining popularity in the northern states over the years. Pine straw adheres better on sloped surfaces where conventional mulch may wash downhill. $7.25 per bale
  5. $4.50 per Bale Double J's maintains a large supply of baled longleaf pinestraw right here in the yard. Our straw, sourced from pine tree farms in the Florida Panhandle & Southern Georgia, is thoroughly checked for quality to ensure it maintains the high standards we set for all of our landscape materials
  6. The ground cover specialists, installing pine straw and mulch to residential and commerical customers across the southeast
  7. Thus, three bales of pine straw will cover one yard of mulch. Multiply the length times the width of each of your beds. Then add all your totals up and divide by 100, then multiply by 3 and that is the number of bales you will use

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Pine Straw Mulch is purchased in baled cubes similar to, but slightly smaller to that of wheat straw or hay bales.This pine straw mulch is produced and baled in the southern states of Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida. One of the attributes of this type of mulch is that of it's medium to light brown color along with it's long stranded needle texture that is often a great. Prevent weeds from growing with the use of pine straw. This ground cover mulch will help with acidity of your lawn and also give your landscape a nice contrast in color. Visit our landscape supply store in tampa fl to learn more about buying in bulk

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This pine straw falls from the Elliottii pine tree, which produces 7-10 inch needles and has more resin in the needles than the loblolly. It is commonly called Georgia Red due to its reddish appearance. The color of this straw is typically reddish brown EZ-Straw Seeding Mulch with Tack - Biodegradable Organic Processed Straw - 2.5 CU FT Bale (covers up to 500 sq. ft.) 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,421 Longleaf Pine Straw Roll for Landscaping - Non-Colored - 18 Rolls Per Pallet - Covers Up to 2,250 Square Fee Bagged long leaf pine straw is an excellent alternative to the typical baled pine straw. It is easy to transport and store with no mess. Pine straw can be used as a ground cover or mulch. It increases curb appeal of landscaping while improving the soil and controlling weeds. The higher resin content makes long leaf th 2 Bales = 1 cubic yard or 100sq ft of coverage at a 3 depth; Pine Straw Uses. Pine Straw is excellent landscaping mulch for either residential or commercial properties. Longleaf is the preferred straw, as its higher resin content makes it retain its bright color longer than other varieties. Loblolly Pine Straw - (6 Inch Pine Needle - a.k.a. Landscaping - Pine straw is a great choice for native landscapes and is an ideal material for sloped areas.; Longevity - Pine straw doesn't need to be re-applied as often as other mulches because it decomposes very slowly and will not float or wash away.; Lightweight - Pine straw is extremely lightweight which means it is very easy to handle. When compared to heavier mulches, pine straw.

Bales Pine Straw/Pine Needles Enhance the aesthetics of any landscape with our longleaf pine straw's bronze color. Bales are 14x14x28 and cover approximately 50 square feet at 2 inches depth. Replenish every 6 months or as needed *MAX 175 BALES OF PINE STRAW PER DELIVERY* Our long leaf baled pine needle is our premium pine straw mulch. This longer needle is more aesthetically pleasing and last a bit longer. Click Here to Calculate Your Measurements Long Needle Pine Straw. Long Needle Pine Straw is easy to apply, and stays where you put it. Pine makes the soil more acidic. It fades quickly and needs to be refreshed more often than other mulches. One bale of Long Needle Pine Straw covers approximately 35-50 square feet Pine Straw Installation Our multi-step process gives our installs a signature look. From the professional and efficient spreading, to the blowing and tucking to keep the property looking clean and sharp, you will be thrilled with the look of your property

We carry premium native S.C longleaf Pine Needles in large bale size. Also known as Pine Straw. They are reddish in color and one bale will cover approxmantely 35 square feet. VISIONS LANDSCAPE SUPPLY & DESIGN - 704-238-1900. Home Poly Lumber Furniture Landscape Materials. Pine Straw: Each bale will cover approximately 75-100 sq. ft. at a depth of 2-3″ Measure the total area (length x width) and divide by coverage area. What Our Customers Are Sayin If you want to fill a 5 gallon bucket of trash out of each bale of Pine Straw Cooks is where you need to go. 6. Swift Straw. Straw Goods Landscaping & Lawn Services. BBB Rating: A+. 11. YEARS IN BUSINESS. Website (770) 373-4593. 2255 Cumberland Pkwy SE Ste 1700. Atlanta, GA 30339. 7. Straw N Stuff Coverage / Bale: 35 sq ft (approximate & varies) Needle Length: Up to 9 inches. Bale Size: 27 x 14 x 14 (approximate & varies) Bale Weight: 20 lbs (approximate & varies) Straw Type: Pine Needles. Source Tree Species: Slash Pine (Pinus Elliottii In Atlanta pine straw costs 14-cents per square foot per year compared to 10-cents for mulch. You'll need 40 bales of pine straw to cover 1,000 square feet costing $140 per year. The same area is covered by 6.17 cubic yards of mulch costing $104 per year. Mulch stays in place on slopes better than pine straw. Mulch and is superior to pine.

Pine Straw. A mulch that is gaining popularity because of its tendency to retain its golden color for multiple seasons. Ideal for applications where washing may be an issue (hillsides). These true 5 cubic feet (compressed) rolls are conveniently packaged so that once the wrapping is cut you simply roll out the pine straw That's how many bales you should count on to cover the area. For example - if you have 4500 square foot of bed, you would need 100 bales of pines straw. Can I go buy Pine Straw? Yes! You can find pine straw at most home depot's and Lowes's - and you can typically find a local pine straw vendor in most areas in the southeast

Mulch. Living Earth is the elite provider of a comprehensive line of mulch types, from Hardwood to Pine to Color Mulch. The Living Earth production process ensures consistent, high-quality mulch, which we make and deliver more of than anyone M & W Supply Co. carries the largest selection of quality landscaping products at wholesale prices throughout Sarasota, Florida. Call us today

Pine Straw in Wilmington, NC Is Easy To Install: Most professionals recommend an annual application of pine straw. However, you can put down pine straw at any time of the year to give an area a fresh, neat appearance. Prior to spreading straw, clean and weed the area, apply a weed preventer and complete pruning and trimming of existing trees and shrubs Pine Straw Bales. 30-50 square feet per bale @ 2″ + - Bags & Buckets. A ½ cubic foot bag of gravel will cover 2.37 sq. ft. @ 2 ½ depth A 1.15 cubic foot bag of rubber mulch will cover 6.9 sq. ft. @ 2″ depth A 2 cubic foot bag of mulch will cover 9.48 sq. ft @ 2 ½ depth A 3 cubic foot bag of mulch will cover 14.22 sq. ft. @ 2 ½. 1 bale of pine straw covers approximately 45 square feet at 3 inches deep. Recommendations. Do not put pine straw near a building as it will easily burn if lit on fire. Materials Calculator. Hours. Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Saturday: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Sunday: CLOSED. Contact Info. Address: 1414 Stallings Rd Durham, NC 27703. Phone: (919. Bale size 26″x 13 x 13″ / ~14 lbs; Coverage per bale: ~ 40 sq. ft. at a depth of 2.5 inches; 3 bales of pine straw = 1 cu yard hardwood mulch; Inspected per USDA guidelines; Natural, not dyed; Easy to carry and sprea

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Baled southern pine straw (needles) has been a staple southern mulch used for years by homeowners and landscapers. Our product is palletized and shrink-wrapped for easy shipping and unloading instead of the traditional floor loaded trailers that need to be unloaded by hand. Bale Size 12x12x24 Bags/Pallet 42 Pallets/Lo This is the equivalent of about 270 square bales weighing 15 pounds each. One laborer with a 25-horsepower tractor and a mini round baler can produce 900 bales, or 16 tons, of baled pine straw in an 8-hour day. That's the equivalent of about 2100 square bales. A mini round baler can bale as much as 25 humans baling by hand Regularly available in individual bales or by the pallet. Pine Straw Bales . by the pallet (48 bales/pallet) $240.00/pallet. 1 to 288 bales $5.00/bale. 289 to 480 bales $4.50/bale. 481 bales or more $4.00/bale. Nature's own mulch $5.00/bale for Customer to Pick-Up. $5.50/bale for Delivery with a min. order of 100 bales. COLOR: Golden-ish. DESCRIPTION: NC Long Needle Pine Straw is a longer needle in length and higher quality of pine straws. Less expensive type mulch to give a finished look

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  1. Baling pine straw on a pine plantation is often done mechanically as the set spaces between trees make it easier for mechanical balers to move through the fo..
  2. Landscapers can save between 30-40% of their current labor costs by using round pine straw bales. It is much easier and faster to spread. Homeowners choose the long needle round rolls of straw because of the ease of use and cost savings. One round bale of pine straw will cover 140 square feet. Our rolls have 2.5 to 3 times the capacity.
  3. You will need approximately: 2-cubic-foot bags or. 3-cubic-foot bags or. cubic feet or. cubic yards or. pickup truck loads (midsize) * Rounded to the nearest ½ truckloa
  4. Indiana Mulch Pine Straw [pine.straw] - Enter SAVENOW at checkout to receive 5% off your online order. A new product for the Midwest area, an old favorite for many in the South. Pine needles are best know for its longevity and for its deep lasting color. 1 bale will cover 55 square feet at 1 inc
  5. To calculate the number of bales you may need, enter the length of the area to be covered and then the length of the area or you can directly enter the number of total square feet. Then, select if the pine straw will be installed over old straw or on new bare ground
  6. g, GA 30041. 770-844-193

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Williams Pine Straw Co, Vector. 668 likes · 16 talking about this · 91 were here. Williams Straw has been in business for over 20yrs, suppling the only best Long Needle available. We supply.. The concept is simple: As the straw begins to break down, it turns into a rich, compostable planter that's ideal for growing vegetables. Although the practice of gardening in straw bales dates back to ancient times, I learned of it only a decade ago during a chance encounter with a local straw-bale guru, Kent Rogers Area Calculator. Figure the amount of sod, mulch, pine bark or pine straw using the area calculator. Calculator. $4.75/bale 1 >> Sod, landscape supplies, mulch, we've got itand more. Contact Us. 5400 Augusta Rd Lexington, SC 29072 ( 803) 446-6525 (803) 446-6525. In Atlanta pine straw costs 14-cents per square foot per year compared to 10-cents per square foot for mulch. You will need 40 bales of pine straw to cover 1,000 square feet, costing $140 per year. The same area is covered by 6.17 cubic yards of mulch costing $104 per year Calculator; Delivery; Gallery; Rental; Gift Cards / Coupons; Contact; Straw Bale. Straw is mainly used for covering freshly seeded areas and keeping it from washing away or blowing away. The straw will not get in the way of growing grass. $8 ea. Pine Straw Bale. Longleaf pine needles used as landscape mulch. Each bale covers approx 30sq.

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Hey Guys! I've been asked a lot of questions about pine straw so I decided to make a video on all pine straw related. I will talk about how to lay pine straw.. Mulch and pine straw are significantly different from each other. Down below we have enlisted the pros and cons of each to help you best decide what would be the right fit for your home and garden. Take a look at some pros and cons of pine straw and mulch: pine straw mulch; Pros for Pine straw. It is much cheaper than mulch Twigs and Pine Cones: Natural debris is unavoidable and should be expected due to the nature of harvesting. Trash: Should be none. Compared to the national hardware stores' quality (when available), the pine straw bales offered here are much fresher, -a better quality, in all aspects. These sell quickly and steadily throughout the year

Home Depot and Lowes both offer a low quality of pine straw which is normally dirty and trashy. Home Depot and Lowes also charges around $3.75 per bale not to include installation or delivery. However, Today's Pinestraw rates range as low as $3.75 per bale (on some large orders) to $4.50 per bale for installation which includes delivery. We carry everything from Pine Bark to Top Soil, Wheat Straw to Pea Gravel, and we will save you money on all of it Pine straw and pine needles are the same thing. Pine needles can be purchased by the bag. We do not sell bags of pine needles, instead we supply pine needles by the bale. Installation of pine needles involves a little more than people realize. It takes time and practice to become skilled at distributing the long leaf pine needles evenly and.

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Pine Straw Bales, Pine Bark Nuggets Use our handy mulch calculator to order with confidence and certainty. Personalize Your Landscape with Water Features & Aquascapes. With the right water features, your yard can become an even more inviting and soothing paradise Longleaf Pine Straw at Mountain Creek Tree Farm Located in Concord, Ohio. Order Longleaf Pinestraw Mulch. First Name: Last Name: Email: Phone: How Many Bales? (50 sq. ft. per bale @ 2.5 - 3 depth) Use the bale calculator to help. Made from reclaimed clean hardwood that is ground, screened, and dyed, the color stays vibrant all season long. Double Black, Triple Black and Forest Brown mulch is available in bulk and in bags. Hope Timber also carries brick red hardwood, natural double and triple hardwood, cypress, and pine bark in 2 cubic foot bags Alternatively, try this online calculator. Still need help? Give us a call at (919) 859-5503. Out of stock . Long Needle Pine Straw $ 5.75 /bale. $5.75 picked up at store!!! North Carolina long-needle pine straw. $5.75 when purchased and picked up at the store. Deliveries require a 50 bale minimum and our trucks hold up to 200 bales. Below.

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  1. A typical pine straw bale covers roughly 40 square feet at a depth of 2.5 inches over fresh ground. The same size bale covers about 70 square feet when covering an area with an existing straw covering. If wheat straw is used, a typical bale can cover roughly 500 square feet when spread by hand and about 1,000 square feet when spread using a blower
  2. Contact Info. Address: 1414 Stallings Rd Durham, NC 27703. Phone: (919) 596-0801 (919) 596-7529. Fax: (919) 596-5310 Contact U
  3. Dark Brown - Color Enhanced Mulch - Cubic Yard. 13.45. Economy Mulch - Cubic Yard $ 27.4

SLM provides top-of-the-line bulk landscape materials such as pine bark, cypress mulch, potting soil, sand, and other specialty products. Whether you need materials for a small or large landscaping project, SLM offers materials that ensure your project's success We carry Red Mulch, Cypress Mulch, Cypress Chips, Pine Straw Mulch, Pine Bark Mulch and Top Soils in both large and small quantities for all of your landscaping needs. All of Six Flags Top Quality certified mulches are produced utilizing virgin timber, which is derived from managed timberland sites Straw bale gardening is an innovative and relatively low-cost method of maximizing production where space is limited. In this article, we will have an in-depth look at the system, and show you how you can set up an effective straw bale gardening system at home Fernandina Location: 474389 E State Rd 200, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 904-261-7177 Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm Saturday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Sunday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Jacksonville Location: 13385 N. Main St. Jacksonville, FL 32218 904-683-431

Quickstraw Compressed Straw Bales. Compressed and mess-free. Wrapped in plastic and palletized for easy transport - retail ready! This pine staw covers up to twice the area of tied bales. Size 2.3 cubic feet 35 Bags Per Pallet. Quickstraw covers 100 square ft at 2-3 in depth which compares to 2 standard square bales Full Service Commercial and Residential Pine Straw Operation! Serving greater Atlanta Georgia for over 20 years! Top quality pine straw and wheat straw, we reject it before you need to. Courteous and meticulous team with full clean-up on every job. We deliver! Spreading and installation available, call for pricing. Call - (770) 641-8366. Pine straw should be spread 3 inches deep on the ground surface. You will receive the pine straw from us bundled in bales, the rope that holds the bale together should be removed. You should then grab handfuls and shake over the desired area so that it is distributed in a loose, fluffy manner Highly Recommended For Reseeding! Using straw after your initial seeding prevents the grass seed from washing away. One standard bale covers about 200-250 square feet. 1-20 bales — $7.50 each OR 21+ bales — $7.00 each. This product is not currently available for purchase online

If you're gardening in straw bales, consider adding it to what you're growing. Again, straw bales offer the right growing conditions for cilantro, and because it's a compact plant, it should work out well. 14. Parsley. Parsley is another herb choice for your straw bale garden Calculator; Contact Us; 3002 Basford Road Frederick, MD 21703 Ph# 301-663-5938.

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Speciality. Living Earth provides top quality steel edging and weed fabric as well as other products including Engineered Wood Fiber Playground material $16.95. Long needle pine straw rolls available (equal to 2.5 bales) at Broad, Powhatan and Williamsburg locations only Each roll covers 145 square feet per roll Beautiful North Carolina long needle straw which come in large bales! It is estimated to cover 75-100 square feet per bale, on a 2″ - 3″ depth. This is a less expensive option that still offers a finished look. North Carolina long needle pine straw is longer in length and a much higher quality of pine straw 7501 Gracely Drive Cincinnati, OH 45233 (513) 941-3339 info@bearsmulch.co Corbin's Baled Pine Straw No 2 - McDonough, GA McDonough, G

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  1. MULCH DELIVERY TO BRYN MAWR - ALL NATURAL, 100% ORGANIC. Mulch Works Recycling is a family owned and family operated business.We believe in family first. And here at Mulch Works, all of our clients are family. Family is always here for you
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  6. Gatlin's Straw FAQ Southeastern NC - Long Leaf Pine Stra
  7. allpages - Gomez Pine Straw LL
Long leaf Pine straw Lexington, SC | Carolina SoddingPine Straw-NC Long Needle (min 100 bales for delivery)Ezy Bale Bedding Straw 50L (Chopped) (DISC) - Enfield
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