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Over 80% New And Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Shop For Top Products Now. Get Yogurts With Fast And Free Shipping For Many Items On eBay Find out more about Plain yogurt greek on searchandshopping.org for Dundas and Glengarry. Find reliable information no Chobani® Plain Greek Yogurt is crafted from farm-fresh local milk, making it an excellent source of protein. With a creamy texture and old-world-tart taste, our non-fat, low-fat, and keto-friendly whole milk options are the perfect base for breakfast bowls, smoothies, and so much more plain greek yogurt, red pepper flakes, chopped fresh mint, ground cumin and 11 more. Parmesan Herb Asparagus Fries with Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip McCormick. flour, McCormick Garlic Powder, McCormick Oregano Leaves, eggs and 10 more. Cook like a Pro Make dinner tonight, get skills for a lifetime. Try exclusive recipes with step-by-step video. Traditional Plain Greek Style Yogurt We focus on the traditional part of our Greek Style Traditional Plain Yogurt. Because it's far from plain—known for its smoother body and creamier mouth appeal with no tang—you won't go back to any other old plain yogurt

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Background of Greek Yogurt. Here's a bit about how Greek yogurt is made, plus a brief history of where it comes from: Greek yogurt originated in parts of Europe hundreds of years ago, where widely available cow and goat milk were first fermented to prolong shelf life. Greek yogurt is made by combining milk and live cultures (bacteria), then straining the mixture through a filter to remove. Their plain Greek yogurt is deliciously thick and made with nothing but cultured milk. Each 6-ounce (170-gram) serving contains 17 grams of protein, and it's available in nonfat, low fat, and. FAGE Total is a rich, creamy all-natural plain Greek yogurt made simply with milk and live active yogurt cultures in three milkfat varieties Greek-style yogurt This style is made by straining plain yogurt multiple times to remove the whey. The result is a thicker, creamier yogurt with less tang

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Greek yogurt has a different flavor profile than other yogurts. Because more liquid has been removed, the fermented flavor is more noticeable. This stronger flavor makes plain Greek yogurt a great. Cultured Non Fat Milk, Active Yogurt Cultures L. Bulgaricus & S. Thermophilus. At least 50% less fat than average plain Greek yogurt; Light & Fit: 90 calories, 0g fat; Average plain Greek yogurt: 110 calories, 2.5g fat per 6o

Fage Total 0% Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt, 35.3 oz. $5.54 each ($0.16/oz) Add to list. The Greek Gods Traditional Plain Greek Yogurt, 32 oz. $4.61 each ($0.15/oz) Add to list. Recipes with this Product. Apple, Strawberry, and Banana Popsicles. Baked Buffalo Chicken Meatballs. Cabot's plain Greek yogurt is the perfect ingredient for dips, snacks, or your morning breakfast. Find Cabot plain Greek yogurt at a store near you today Yogurt for breakfast is a no-brainer. For an extra special treat, top 6 to 8 ounces of plain Greek yogurt with one serving of fresh or frozen berries and 1 tablespoon of chopped nuts for crunch, protein, and healthy fats

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  1. PLAIN* GREEK YOGURT *See below for ingredients. At 2g total sugar per 5.3oz, this Greek lowfat yogurt is anything but plain. It's a deliciously creamy canvas for your favorite recipes or to enjoy on its own
  2. If you want to turn this plain yogurt into Greek yogurt, we'll take it one step further and strain it. Step 4: Strain Set a mesh sieve lined with cheesecloth (or strong paper towels) over a large bowl. Pour in yogurt and place in the fridge. Check every few hours until yogurt reaches your desired thickness
  3. Plain Greek Yogurt. Nutrition Facts. Plain Greek Yogurt. Serving Size: oz (170 g grams) Amount Per Serving. Calories from Fat 6. Calories 100 % Daily Value * 1% Total Fat 0.7 g grams. 1% Saturated Fat 0.2 g grams. Trans Fat 0 g grams. Polyunsaturated Fat 0 g grams. Monounsaturated Fat 0.1 g grams. 3% Cholesterol 8.5 mg milligrams. 3
  4. Thick, rich and delicious. From 0% Fat to Full Fat, we've got you covered. And, like all Stonyfield products, we make it without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics or GMOs
  5. If you buy plain yogurt only to top it with berries and honey, you're missing out on all the ways you can (and should) use it! From marinating meat to making baked goods extra moist, this versatile fermented food will come in handy even more than sour cream or mayonnaise. Need proof? Just check these 17 recipes using plain yogurt
  6. Each serving of Greek Gods yogurt has 9g of protein. It is also an excellent source of calcium and has seven different live and active cultures. Includes one 24 oz. tub of Greek Gods Traditional Plain Greek Yogurt. The Greek Gods Brand products are not only rich, smooth and delicious; they are gluten-free and contain live and active cultures

Get nutrition facts about all FAGE Greek yogurt products, including ingredients, protein, sugar, calories and more 6 Greek Yogurt Bowl Recipe Ideas. There are endless possibilities for creating a breakfast bowl with yogurt and fruit. Some of my favorites include - Strawberry Banana Yogurt Bowl with Peanut Butter and Almonds. This is the bowl I choose when I'm hungry or need extra fuel after a workout. The recipe is simple: Greek yogurt (plain) Sliced. Learning how to make Greek yogurt at home is simple with this easy homemade Greek yogurt recipe. Start by making homemade yogurt by heating milk, combining with a little bit of already-cultured yogurt and letting it sit in a warm spot until the milk turns into yogurt. Making protein-rich Greek yogurt takes one more step than making regular yogurt: straining the yogurt to thicken it Unsweetened plain or Greek yogurt could be a great way for people with diabetes to get a good dose of protein, calcium, and probiotics. Last medically reviewed on February 13, 2018 FAGE Total Greek Yogurt is rich, creamy all-natural Greek strained yogurt made simply with a family recipe dating back to 1926. Only milk and live active cultures go into our plain yogurt to create a delicious protein-rich breakfast, dessert or any moment in between

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  1. Yogurt, she suggested, is a great breakfast or snack option to get protein. Like to mix plain yogurt with a banana and cinnamon for topping. The primary difference between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt is that the Greek yogurt is higher in protein and thicker. I tried this Fage Greek yogurt and loved it. Yogurt is great in fruit smoothies
  2. Check the ingredients to make sure it contains lactobacillus. Make sure to get plain yogurt. Even vanilla yogurt has extra sugar. If you plan on eating the yogurt, go with a low-fat version
  3. Maple Hill's Plain Greek Yogurt PER 3/4 CUP : 150 calories, 7 g fat (3.5 g saturated fat), 65 mg sodium, 9 g carbs (0 fiber, 8 g sugar), 15 g protein Maple Hill plain Greek yogurt gets major bonus points since it's one of the few 100-percent grass-fed yogurts on store shelves
  4. Plain Greek yogurt gives your batter a one-two punch of protein and tangy flavor, similar to buttermilk. Plus, the creamy texture makes the pancakes soft and moist. Try this recipe from Le Creme de La Crumb using whole wheat flour for a little extra fiber. If you're not a big pancake person, you can approach biscuits the same way
  5. Powerful Drink - Protein Shake, Meal Replacement Shake, Greek Yogurt, Gluten Free, Ready to Drink, 20g Protein, Vanilla Maple, 6 Pack 4.5 out of 5 stars 482 $19.99 $ 19 . 99 ($0.28/Fl Oz

Stonyfield Organic Greek Plain 0% Yogurt Per 3/4 cup (170 g) : 90 calories, 0 g fat (0 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 65 mg sodium, 7 g carbs (0 g fiber, 5 g sugar), 16 g protein This leading brand relies on pasture-raised cows to provide the organic milk that goes into its yogurt, with a diet that lends more omega-3s and conjugated linoleic. I use plain whole-milk Greek yogurt. I especially like Straus yogurt. It's wonderfully thick and creamy, just like sour cream. However, it's very high in carbs compared to other whole-milk Greek yogurts. So I often end up using Fage yogurt, which is also excellent. The nutrition info below assumes Fage Greek yogurt Plain Greek yogurt with orange slices and homemade low sugar granola - my FAV option. Plain Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of natural creamy natural peanut butter and topped with just a few chocolate chips. Dip crisp apple slices. Plain Greek yogurt with sliced figs, a drizzle of honey, and a sprinkle of chia seeds

What people like most about Greek yogurt is that no matter how low fat the version is, it retains a wonderfully creamy texture. So it was only natural that these companies would take the popularity even further and take it beyond regular plain yogurt and introduce it to the frozen food market. Because of the rich,. If Greek yogurt is properly sealed and refrigerated at the right temperature, it can be safe to eat yogurt 14 to 24 days after the sell-by date, but the taste will become more sour as the product gets older. The longer the yogurt sits in the fridge, the more watery substance forms on top of the yogurt FAGE Total 2% Low-fat Greek yogurt with a perfect balance of rich flavor and creamy texture but with only 2% fat This separation makes Greek yogurt lower in carbohydrate/sugar than regular yogurt. Since this process leaves a more concentrated yogurt, Greek yogurt is also higher in protein than regular yogurts (3, 4). Taste. Providing it is plain Greek yogurt, the taste should be sour and tangy But there are three main reasons why your dog should avoid eating yogurt. 1. Pasteurization. The biggest problem with yogurt is that most of it is pasteurized. Pasteurization is the process of heating foods to high temperatures. This heat kills off harmful pathogens and bacteria. In theory, this makes the food safe for human consumption

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First, the nutritional stats: When compared to most regular yogurt, Greek yogurt has 2 times the amount of protein. In fact, 1 cup has as much protein as 3 ounces of chicken Greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt: what are the differences between them? Any plain yogurt is not only a great source of protein and calcium, but it's also convenient and easy to find in most stores, versatile in meals, and economical for the nutritional punch it provides, says Burak. Greek yogurt, however, contains nearly triple the amount of. ½ cup plain Greek yogurt 1 ¼ lbs Russet potatoes, peeled and sliced ¼ cup low-sodium chicken broth, warmed 2 Tbsp melted unsalted grass-fed butter Rosemary, to taste Ground black pepper, to taste. HOW TO MAKE IT. STEP 1. Boil a large pot of water. Add potatoes and cook for 15 minutes, or until softened. Drain water Fage Total 2% Low-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt, 35.3 oz. $5.54 each ($0.16/oz) Add to list. Dannon Oikos Triple Zero Non-Fat Strawberry Blended Greek Yogurt, 4 ct. $3.21 each ($0.16/oz) Add to list Dannon Light & Fit Non-Fat Strawberry.

Greek yogurt is a great addition to your diet. However, it often tastes bland. Luckily, it's very easy to make plain, greek yogurt taste good. Read on to learn about what to add to yogurt to make it taste less sour and more sweet BUY IT: Stonyfield Organic Plain Greek Yogurt, $1.99 for a 5.3-ounce container at Whole Foods. All products featured on Epicurious are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something. 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt (nonfat or regular) 2 large eggs 1/4 cup vegetable oil 2 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1 cup chopped walnuts, pecans or chocolate chips; Instructions . Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line a 9-inch loaf pan with parchment paper (overhanging on the two long sides) then grease the parchment paper with cooking spray Greek Yogurt Egg Salad. This simple 5 ingredient, no mayo egg salad recipe with greek yogurt is the only healthy egg salad recipe you need. Just like Grandma made but with a healthy twist! Skip to primary navigation Plain! Enjoy! Reply [email protected] says. March 13, 2018 at 5:52 pm

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Hannaford Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt found at Hannaford Supermarket. Add to online shopping list or grocery cart for Hannaford To Go Non-Fat Plain. Find your favorite flavor! Triple strained to be thick and creamy. Made the old-world way, locally sourced and authentically crafted, batch by single batch. Nonfat yogurt (cultured pasteurized nonfat milk). More products we recommend for you. Non-Fat Plain. Low-Fat Plain. Plain. About; Careers This external link will open in. The substitute works in baking, too, but use whole fat Greek yogurt, the hosts agree. That's because you'll need the butterfat. If the recipe calls for just a ¼ cup of sour cream, it doesn't matter as much whether you use full or nonfat yogurt. But any more (as in our Stovetop Chocolate Cake), and you should definitely use full fat Plain Greek yogurt is a good choice, as they contain good quantities of all the macronutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates and no added sugar or sweeteners. You could add prepared fresh fruit such as bananas, apples or berries, if you like Plain Greek yogurt with chopped fresh herbs, minced garlic and fresh lemon zest is an easy dip with vegetables or as a topping to a grain bowl with a variety of grains, such as quinoa, beans.

Stonyfield Organic Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt, 30 oz. $7.19 each ($0.24/oz) Add to list. Lifeway Low-Fat Plain Unsweetened Kefir Milk Smoothie, 32 oz. $2.86 each ($0.09/oz) Add to list. Fage Total 0% Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt, 35.3 oz. $5.54 each ($0.16/oz. The possibilities are endless with this Great Value Greek Plain Yogurt 32 Oz. It offers five full servings and is packed with 15 g of protein per serving, which is one-third of the recommended daily amount, and it's also a nice source of calcium Calling all dairy lovers: Our lactose free yogurt is here! FAGE BestSelf is delicious low-fat Greek yogurt that's surprisingly lactose free. From exquisite flavors to plain—you know it's going to be simply amazing if you know FAGE

Which is Better: Plain Greek Yogurt or Plain Yogurt? For dogs that tolerate dairy well, any kind of plain yogurt is a suitable choice. However, if you were to pick one, Greek yogurt stands out due to the straining process used in manufacturing. As a result, more whey and lactose are removed, and the protein is more concentrated. The down math Shop for Kroger® Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt at Kroger. Find quality products to add to your Shopping List or order online for Delivery or Pickup This 100% Grassfed Greek goodness is just plain. Eat it as is or add what you like to it! Plus, the large size is great for the entire family Happy Belly Greek Non-Fat Plain Yogurt is a perfect addition to your smoothies, dips and dressings. Product details Product Dimensions : 4.59 x 4.59 x 5.41 inches; 2 Pound

Greek yogurt is a wonderful way to add protein to your diet. For those following the Weight Watchers program, plain, non fat Greek yogurt is now low points on MyWW Green and ZERO points on MyWW Blue and MyWW Purple, so we are extra motivated to find ways to enjoy it! However, plain Greek yogurt is very tart and may be an acquired taste Amidst all the frozen yogurt, flavored yogurt, probiotic yogurt, plain yogurt, you will also find a large collection of Greek yogurt. You must be lying if you say you have not been intrigued and tempted to get a cup of Greek yogurt Greek yogurt contains more protein than regular yogurt and has a thicker texture, says McGrane. Fage Total Greek Yogurt is a great swap-in for sour cream and works wonders in smoothies Milk from cows who graze naturally on lush grass gives yogurt a rich and unique flavor. And like all Stonyfield products, 100% Grassfed is organic, non-GMO and made without the use of artificial hormones

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A 6-ounce container of plain nonfat Greek yogurt contains 188 milligrams of calcium, while the same serving of plain nonfat regular yogurt contains 337 milligrams, according to the USDA. Even though it is lower in calcium than regular yogurt, Greek yogurt still fits well in a weight-loss diet Here's what you can expect in the carb department when you dip into one cup of the most popular varieties of plain yogurt: Full-fat Greek yogurt: 7.75 grams. Non-fat Greek yogurt: 8.82 grams

Greek yogurt will separate a bit when it is thawed. For some people, it just doesn't look as inviting as fresh Greek yogurt. I know a person who swears he can't eat defrosted Greek yogurt because it doesn't look good at all. Others say that the change in texture also translates to the lack of smoothness and a slight change in flavor I used a 7oz greek yogurt with 1 1/2 cup flour. We did not have self rising flour so i added 1 1/2 tsp of baking powder and 1/4 tsp of salt. This made enough dough for two delicious calzones Stir 1/2 tsp. of ground cinnamon into Greek yogurt for a sweet and spicy snack. In addition to adding flavor, stirring cinnamon into your yogurt may help boost your overall alertness and improve your cardiovascular health, Ann Kulze, physician in Mount Pleasant, S.C., and author of the book Dr. Ann's 10-Step Diet says in Women's Health magazine Packed with bone-boosting calcium and gut-healthy probiotics, tangy yogurt is worth putting in your regular rotation. Plain low-fat and Greek varieties will give you the biggest health bump

Greek yogurt is a great health choice because of its carbs and protein contents. While that is true, it is only correct for plain Greek yogurt. Any sort of flavored Greek yogurt you find in the market will have artificial flavoring Fortunately enough, similarly to plain yogurt, you can freeze Greek yogurt. There are, however, a few things about this process that you should be aware of. How freezing affects Greek yogurt. The most important thing you need to know is that freezing has an effect on Greek yogurt's look and texture Brighten your day with Two Good Plain Greek Lowfat Yogurt. It's a smooth, creamy yogurt packed with rich flavor. Every 6oz serving is an irresistible delight with 90 calories, 2g of total sugar, and 14g of protein. And with an entire quart, there's plenty of yogurt goodness to go around Greek yogurt is a lower lactose food, with a 6-ounce container of nonfat plain Greek yogurt providing only 4 grams of lactose. The lower amount of lactose found in Greek yogurt is due to the. Calories: Greek yogurt has more calories than regular plain yogurt. However, at 30 additional calories per cup, it really isn't that many more calories. If in fact you are trying to reduce your calories, then I might suggest going with a non-fat yogurt (130 calories) over a full-fat yogurt (220 calories), which will have more of an impact on calorie count

Organic Plain Greek Yogurt, 32 oz. FAGE Total 2% Plain Greek Yogurt, 7 oz. Chobani 0% Greek Yogurt Blended with Vanilla, 5.3 oz. Stonyfield Yokids Strawbana Low-fat Yogurt Smoothie (6-pk), 1.16 pint. FAGE Total 2% Plain Greek Yogurt, 17.6 oz. 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Yogurt Lowfat - Vanilla, 32 oz Chobani Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt. 32 oz Plastic Tub. Coupon Log In to Add to Cart. General Questions. Email or Call 1-800-772-4098. Order Questions. Contact your fulfillment store. Back To Top - * * * * * * * *. plain greek style yogurt, cornstarch, sugar, lemon juice, cream cheese and 6 more. Coconut Greek Yogurt Pie Chocolate Covered Katie. pure vanilla extract, stevia, berries, crust, salt, stevia, coconut butter and 2 more. Peach Greek Yogurt Pie & Chobani Giveaway The Spiffy Cookie An eight-ounce serving of plain, full-fat yogurt contains 140 calories. It has eight grams of proteins, 7.5 grams of fat, and 11 grams of carbs in the form of sugar. The biggest problem with yogurt doesn't lie in its overconsumption, but with the toppings, flavorings, and additives used, as well as the excess processing of milk Plain, Nonfat Greek Yogurt. There are many yogurts on the market, and plain, nonfat Greek yogurt is a standout. All yogurts are excellent sources of calcium, potassium, protein, zinc, and vitamins.

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Yogurt is versatile, delicious, and, when it's unsweetened and nonfat, a smoothly satisfying ZeroPoint™. How do I know if a dairy product is a ZeroPoint food or not? The following ARE ZeroPoint foods: Non-fat yogurt, any type (e.g. Greek, plain, Skyrr) with no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavoring of any kind, or added fat FAGE Total 2% Plain <br /> <br /> FAGE Total 2% is a rich, creamy all-natural Greek strained yogurt. It's a low-fat Greek yogurt with a perfect balance of rich flavor and creamy texture. <br /> <br /> From cooking to baking to enjoying with toppings like fresh fruit and honey, there are many delicious ways to use FAGE Total

There are 190 calories in 1 container (7.1 oz) of Fage Total 5% Plain Greek Yogurt. You'd need to walk 53 minutes to burn 190 calories. Visit CalorieKing to see calorie count and nutrient data for all portion sizes Plain, low or non-fat yogurt provides probiotic benefits and serves as an excellent source of calcium for our canine companions. Adding a small spoonful of yogurt to your dog's regular kibble at mealtime can provide digestive benefits and even help your dog stay full longer Member's Mark Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt is made with pure dairy milk and active yogurt cultures that make it good for you. Member's Mark sources Grade A milk from cows not treated with rBST, and uses a straining process to create super-thick, supremely rich yogurt that's high in protein and a great source of calcium Heartiest plain yogurt: Fage 0% Plain Greek Yogurt Our tasters described this option as thick, creamy, and filling. It has a bit more of a pucker punch to it than the Trader Joe's Greek, but can still be used as a base for fruit or granola. Best plain yogurt to eat sans toppings: Green Mountain Creamery 0% Plain Greek Yogurt Greek yogurt is similar to sour cream in that it makes baked goods moist and tender, with a fine crumb. In most cases, Greek yogurt provides a better texture in baked goods. On the other hand, if you're using a recipe designed for regular yogurt, Greek yogurt may be too thick. In this case, thin the Greek yogurt with a little milk

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The Greek Yogurt companies are not simply adding fresh blueberries to their plain yogurt. They are adding a sugar concentrate with a hint of blueberries. If you want to use plain Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries at home, this is the healthiest choice Each serving of Greek Gods yogurt has 9g of protein. It is also an excellent source of calcium and has seven different live and active cultures. Includes one 32 oz. tub of Greek Gods Traditional Plain Greek Yogurt. The Greek Gods Brand products are not only rich, smooth and delicious; they are gluten-free and contain live and active cultures

Fage Total 0% Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt, 35.3 oz. $5.54 each ($0.16/oz) Add to list. Dannon Light & Fit Non-Fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt, 4 ct. $3.21 each ($0.16/oz) Add to list. The Greek Gods Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt, 32 oz. $4.61 each ($0.15/oz). A simple blend of ½ cup plain Greek yogurt, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 medium red apple (chopped), 2 teaspoons cinnamon, and 1 cup almond milkmakes for a fiber-filled way to start the morning A bowl of Greek yogurt can keep you fortified with essential nutrients and even help you lose weight. For many Greek yogurt lovers, the richer texture is also a big sell. Greek yogurt is made by separating out the liquid whey, explains Alissa Rumsey , a registered dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt: What's the Difference

Yogurt Starter (1/2 cup store bought plain yogurt or 1/2 cup saved yogurt from your last homemade batch) 5 1/2 cups milk (not ultra-pasteurized) Set time: 9 hours. Strain in refrigerator: 1 hour. Estimated yield: 1 3/4 cups greek yogurt. Estimated nutritional value per 6 oz serving: 100 calories, 0g fat. (per documentation from Dash Greek. Greek Yogurt Nutrition. Greek yogurt comes with a rich nutrient profile, all while being controlled in calories and high in protein. It also offers other valuable nutrients that contribute to several health benefits. • Calories: According to Chobani, a 5.3-ounce container of non-fat plain Greek yogurt supplies 80 calories. Calorie content can. Cooking With Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt is a versatile ingredient that can take the place of several other ingredients in your recipes for a lighter, healthier alternative. When choosing Greek yogurt for baking and cooking, plain and unsweetened is best. Look for Greek yogurt products that have minimal additives

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Plain Unsweetened . With 11g of almond protein and only 2g of sugar in every cup, our plain unsweetened Greek yogurt is rich, smooth, and versatile lemon juiced, garlic, plain greek yogurt, olive oil, cucumber and 2 more. Creamy Chipotle Yogurt Sauce cook eat live love. chipotle chili powder, 2% Greek yogurt, salt, lime, freshly ground pepper. Banana Orange Yogurt Sauce The Harvest Kitchen. yogurt low-fat, orange juice, banana, pure vanilla extract

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Shop Fage Total 0% Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt - compare prices, see product info & reviews, add to shopping list, or find in store. Select locations now offer curbside pickup & home deliver Yogurt, especially plain Greek yogurt, is a super healthy snack for humans. Add some berries, granola, and healthy seeds, and you have a tasty breakfast or meal on the go that's full of nutrients! If you're a fan of yogurt and keep it around the house, you may be wondering if your dog can reap any of the same health benefits from yogurt. No mayo, no problem. This healthy tuna salad uses probiotic-rich Greek yogurt as its creamy, tangy base. Crunchy celery, earthy chives, and delicate microgreens keep this easy lunch recipe fuss-free, so you can customize it with your own healthy ingredients. Give it a Mediterranean spin with chickpeas, cucumber, and Kalamata olives—or add a little sweetness with sliced grapes

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