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Bulk Abalone Shell Beads Wholesale, Find More Shells & Pearls Sales Online. Size 4mm - 40mm Shell Beads for Selection, Buy Shell Beads with Factory Price Seashells, Shell Ball, Fish Net Decorative Nautical Marine Ar It is a thinner and smoother shell than most Abalone and has been polished Add to Cart. Pearlized Abalone Seashell (10 pcs.) - (1-1.5) $3.75. Similar to the red abalone, however these shells have been completely pearlized. They have a beautif Add to Cart. Pink Abalone Chips (100+ pcs.).

Ocean Shell Studios 5 - 6 inches Premium Natural Abalone (Pāua) Shell with Wooden Stand for Smudging, Cleansing Home, Meditation, Shell Crafts,Incense Holder, Home Décor, 100% Natural, Sustainable. 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,533. $14.99 $ 14. 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Apr 23 Since you've decided to buy abalone shells online, there is a wide array of choices on eBay. Dive into the world of shell collecting to discover how abalones are graded and how they stack up in terms of price and condition. Remember that condition is your go-to default when selecting abalone shells for sale Abalone Shells. Our selection of abalone shells include the ever-popular blue and green abalone, donkey ear, red abalone and pearl haliotis.The abalone shell is an extremely strong shell made up of a few whorls (or turns of the gastropod shell) There are 736 bulk abalone shells for sale on Etsy, and they cost $16.02 on average. The most common bulk abalone shells material is pearl & shell. The most popular color? You guessed it:.

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Our abalone shells range in size from small 1 to 2 inches up to 7 inches and are sold by the piece and by the kilo. Abalone shells are used in smudging rituals, and its highly iridescent shell, with colors ranging from blues, to greens, pinks and mother of pearl is made into jewelry, and is a source of colorful mother of pearl The abalone shell is also polished and sold for seashell decorating and used in shell crafts and making inlaid knife handles, tables and jewelry. $100 Minimum Order - All Prices Are Wholesale. Browse these categories under Abalone Shells Wholesale and Hand Picke Sale! XL Abalone Shells ~ W/ Optional Wooden Display Stand / Perfect for Smudging, Resin Burning, Jewelry or Crystal Display, and More! VirgoOrganics 5 out of 5 stars (2,345) Sale Price $7.22 $ 7.22 $ 8.49 Original Price $8.49 (15%. Farmed, Sustainable and USA grown Abalone Shells. Welcome to Pacific Rim Abalone Shells. Pacific Rim Abalone. Home. Shop. More. Home; Shop; 808-250-7507. Pacific Rim Abalone. 808-250-7507. Welcome to Pacific Rim Abalone Shells. Welcome to Pacific Rim Abalone Shells Flat solid Paua abalone (New Zealand Paua abalone) shell pcs. cut to uniform thickness. Processed to specific size or cut to irregular - random shape. Ideal for the use in traditional inlay applications, marquetry, bow manufacture as well as for knife handles, jewellery, musical instrument inlay, furniture, buttons, fingerboard and other.

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  1. PAUA (Abalone) Shell Pieces Satin for Beach Theme Party, Wedding Decorations, DIY Crafts, Home Decorations, Fishtank Supplies, Vase Fillers (Small 200gm) 4.8 out of 5 stars 32 $20.00 $ 20 . 0
  2. The outside shell is creamy with green and brown blotches, triangles and streaks. In our listing of Abalone shells you will notice the Paua, silver and many other varieties of Abalone shells. Some Abalone shells like the paua have been polished; while others are in their natural state. Shells are measured by surface and point to point
  3. (Commercial Grade abalone shell that will have natural imperfections & Calcium). PINTO RED ABALONE (POLISHED) SHELL (EA) Price: $ 1.95. ENTIRE SHELL APPROX. 2.50 TO 3 INCHES. RAINBOW ABALONE SHELL (EA) Price: $ 4.95. APPROX
  4. 2: Shells, red abalone, 2-2.5 long, 5/pkg, #1 quality... $4.95 /pkg C-924 More about this lot > Abalone Shells Discs: 7815-020
  5. Shop over 250 top abalone shells for sale and earn Cash Back all in one place. Also set Sale Alerts and shop Exclusive Offers only on ShopStyle
  6. Abalone have been treasured for millennia not only for their delicious, healthy meat, but also their beautiful shells - with gorgeous banded colors on top and mother-of-pearl on the inside, abalone shells were prized for jewelry and decoration. By sourcing and preparing our abalone, you are supporting a family-run farm - thank you and enjoy

discount abalone shells. Green Abalone is the largest and most common Abalone found on the West coast We have a wide selection of Polished Abalone Shells for Sale in sizes 4 inches up to 8 inches. Our Polished Green Abalone, Haliotis fulgens, have had the outer layer of the shell removed revealing a beautiful irridescent exterior with tones of blues, greens, silver and mother of pearl, with the interior reflecting similar colors. The Polished Red Abalone's, Haliotis rufescens, outer layer has. C ommercial grade wholesale abalone shells in bulk of the Haliotidae family of green abalone are used as sage smudge bowls and measure from 5 inches long to 8 inches long .W holesale pink abalone shells, Haliotis corrugata, measure between approximately 5 inches to 6-1/2 inches long. Pink abalone have a highly corrugated shell and because of this they have an alterate name, the corrugated. Shell Discs & Hearts Pink Conch, Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Melon, Brown Lip, Paua Shell Great for chokers, braid ties, earrings, breastplates, and many other uses. Smaller sizes available with one hole at the top or two holes in the middle. 1 and larger sizes all available with two holes drilled in center

Wild Caught abalone is from a sustainable hand caught fishery. With a unique flavor, Abalone meat is commonly enjoying breaded and fried. In addition to being a prized gourmet seafood, they are known for their beautiful brightly colored shells. Enjoy Wild Caught Abalone meat for sale in 3 ounce packages for $25.95 each Green Abalone Sea Shell One Side Polished Beach Craft 5-7 NEW 4.5 out of 5 stars (64) 64 product ratings - Green Abalone Sea Shell One Side Polished Beach Craft 5-7 NE Get the best deals on Abalone Shells when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Abalone Shells for sale | eBa Craft an exquisite necklace by stringing this abalone shell on an elegant silver chain. This beautiful shell has a lovely pattern of neon blue shades. Simply add it to your aquariums, flower arrangements, candle holders, glass vases or table displays to accentuate them Experts believe that abalone may help prevent and treat debilitating health conditions including arthritis. Also a good source in promoting healthy eyes, alleviate colds, and improve circulation. Preparation: Remove the meat from the shell, cut the connector muscle, then pry out the meat

ABALONE is a common name given for a group of small to large sea snails. It is a colourful shell that incorporates the colour of the sea. As a result it is closely connected to the water element. Abalone shell is exceptionally strong, so strong that scientists are studying its properties for body armour Dreaming of a coastal Christmas? Go against (yule)tide of classic holiday decor with our handcrafted abalone shell trees, which are topped with cheeky faux starfish. Prized for their iridescent tones, every shell is hand-selected for its shimmering beauty. Handmade from a craft cone with natural abalone shells. Star is made from craft paper. Abalone shells are some of the most beautiful and most sought-after shells in Australia. Whether you're combing the beach to add a unique piece to your collection, or searching online for a beautiful iridescent shell for a gift, abalone shells really are one of a kind. These shells are exceptionally strong and can be used for jewellery. Abalone Shells are Naturally Gorgeous Seashells. Many Abalones are amazingly Colorfull Shells too

Abalone Shells. Our selection of abalone shells include the ever-popular Paua Abalone, Red Abalone and the striking Midas Abalone . The abalone shell is an extremely strong shell made up of a few whorls (or turns of the gastropod shell). The small dotted holes over the body of the shell are where air was taken in. Abalones come from all parts. Abalone Shells are a natural bowl to burn sage and other botanicals.Using an abalone shell is considered not only appropriate but engenders a solemn and sober nature about the ceremony or smudging session.Abalone shells make excellent vessels for containing smoldering herbs and incense

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Abalone shells $ 10.00. Abalone shells quantity. Add to cart. Category: Ojibwe Beadwork & Handcrafted Gifts. Reviews (0) Reviews There are no reviews yet. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Share On Facebook. Tweet This Product. Pin This Product. Email This Product. Related products Dive into the deep blue with this colorful iridescent abalone shell pillow. Set against a deep navy blue background, the abalone shell blends all the colors of the sea. Add this throw pillow to a bed or sofa to tie in the blue, green or orange shades that are dominant in this colorful pillow. An original design Abalone shells are often used for smudging ceremonies by the Native Americans in Canada and the United States. These abalone shells have been cleaned, bleached, and treated in muriatic acid and/or dipped in a light coating of resin. The outside of the shell is clean, but still rough. They are not recommended for use in food consumption Fresh California Red Abalone Steaks 1 LB (8 -12 tenderized steaks). These are the finest Abalone from the California Coast. California Red Abalone has a mild flavor with just a hint of sweetness. Many Chefs compare it to scallop or lobster with the texture of veal - tender, rich and redolent of the sea. Ocean Rose® abalone steaks are 100% natural with no additives or preservatives Swank's Shell Inlay creates and stocks a range of Ready-To-Go images in a variety of natural mediums including abalone, sea snail, mother of pearl, ebony, and ivory. See the shell blank section for a listing of available shell blank inlay materials. Swank's is the best shell inlay facility in North America

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  1. Beautifully polished and fits nicely into the palm of your hand, these small abalone shells are perfect for smudging, packing easily into a travel kit or pipe bag. Current stock: 0 Quantity + - Add to Basket Add to Wishlist. Cart Subtotal: $0.00. View basket Checkout. View Full Product Info.
  2. Shell Art For Sale; Starfish; Specimen Shells; Decorator Shells (Large Shells) Home Decor; Barnacles; Blown Glass ; Coral; Encased Sealife and other Cool Creatures; Blue Abalone. 50 shells 0.75 $50.00. Add to Cart. Quick view. Princess Coral Rare. $150.00. Add to Cart. Quick view. Cymantium bibbeyi $12.00. Add to Cart. Quick view.
  3. Abalone Shell 5 - 6 inches These beautiful abalone shells make fabulous containers for burning loose sages and cedar or resins. They are 5-6 inches wide. Great for keeping your sage and cedar smudge sticks in when the stick is lit but you are not holding it
  4. We carry the largest variety of Abalone Shells in CanadaAbalone pricing is not only based on size and quality, but also on availability and is therefore subject to changes solely dependant on market values. 2019 is currently in an upswing market, please contact us for volume pricing

Natural Haliotis Asiana-Mule Ear Abalone Sm Natural Green Approx 1-1.5 . $.10 Minimum 100 pcs Med. Natural Green Approx: 2.5-3 $.12 Minimum 100 pcs 1000 pieces Discount is: $.02 ea. Polished Approx: assorted 2.5-3 $.25 Minimum 50 pcs: Haliotis Planata Abalone Abalone Shells from Mexico. These are gorgeous, natural Abalone Shells and each one is a unique piece! The inner lining is composed of Nacre, also known as Mother of Pearl, which has beautiful iridescent colors and markings

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Abalone Shell 4 - 5L Uniquely Shamanic way to burn sage and other incense for spiritual clearing and cleansing Aabalone shells are natural bowl to burn sage and other botanicals. Sizes may vary between 4 to 5 inches The Haliotis Midae species of abalone is only found in South Africa and is a premium abalone known world-wide for its white shell, white meat and exclusive taste and texture. OUR ABALONE FARM. is situated in St. Helena Bay, 160 km north of Cape Town. The cold Benguela current supplies nutrient-rich pristine cold waters to our abalone, that feed.

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You are here: Home > Herbs & Smudges > Abalone Shells & Tripod Stands Sort By: Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Most Popular Title Manufacturer Oldest Newest Availability 45 per page 90 per page 180 per page 270 per page 450 per page Page of STAND01 Wooden Cobra Tripod Stand - 2 ABLN21 *6 Abalone Shell on Wood Crate - 9.5x9.5x3 ABLN09 Abalone Shell - Apx. 2 - 3 STAND05 Wooden Cobra Tripod Stand in BLACK - Abalone shells are also known as sea ears or ormers. They resemble a large clam, except for the spiral whorl. All abalones have natural holes that run along one side. The mollusks that create these shells use the holes to breathe. Sea water is drawn in under the edge of the sea shell as it passes over the gills and leaves through the natural holes Abalone veneers are made from thinly sliced pieces of shell, glued together and sanded flat to form continuous sheets. The material is mainly used for surface overlays and inlays. Each sheet is between 0.3-0.5 mm w (0.004 and 0.0005) thick A wide variety of abalone for sale options are available to you, such as organic material. You can also choose from home decoration, art & collectible, and souvenir abalone for sale, as well as from animal, love, and fairy abalone for sale, and whether abalone for sale is brc, haccp, or fda

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Haliotis Midae / Midas Abalone Seashell Used for decoration or smudging, South African Abalone Shells are also referred to as ear shells and come in a variety of sizes from small to large Abalone paua shell, 12x16mm teardrop top drilled shell beads on sale : ABA1350 : $12.27 : Abalone shell, paua bar strand on sale, 8x16mm : ABA1310 : $7.67 : Paua abalone shell, bar shape strand wholesale online, 5x16mm : ABA1300 : $6.90 : Abalone shell baroque nugget beads for sale, 5x10mm : ABA1262 : $8.82 : Abalone baroque nugget shell bead. For Sale on 1stDibs - A beautiful abalone seashell/sea shell and wood lined square box. A great box for small jewelry or other small items on a desk, vanity, etc. Box measures Shop for abalone art from the world's greatest living artists. All abalone artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose your favorite abalone designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more Wholesale Sea Shells & Gifts. Joyce's Shells & Gifts is one of the leading wholesale dealers of finest quality of shells, coral, shells gifts, and souvenir items from all over the world. We have a large collection of seashells for beach decor, craft projects that are great for stores and individuals

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Native California White Sage: Bulk, Bundles, Smudge Sticks, Feathers, Abalone Shells We specialize in carrying authentic hand-gathered Native California White Sage for smudging rituals that cleanses the mind, body, chakra and spirit as well as other smudging herbs, shells and smudging feather s Shells. Whole Shells - New Zealand Abalone (Pāua) Shells, Whole Shells - Black Mother of Pearl Shells, Whole Shells - White Mother of Pearl Shells, Whole Shells - Trochus Shells, Whole Shells - Green Snail Shells, Whole Shells - Pink Mother of Pearl Shells, Whole Shells - Chilean Abalone Shells, Shell Pieces - New Zealand Abalone (Pāua) Shell. Abalone shells add reflective brilliance to our pool finishes. When applied properly they shimmer and sparkle in the sunlight. Proper application is key to getting the longest life out of this incredible accent. Improper chemical management and bad application techniques can reduce the life of both the finish and the luster of the abalone Abalone is a gastropod mollusk that lives in coastal saltwater. A member of the Haliotidae family, it ranges in size from 4 to 10 inches. Like other univalve snails, it has a single shell on top and uses a large foot to cling to rocks and eat algae. The abalone shell is flat and spiral-shaped with several small holes around the edges This DIY project is how I clean and paint some of my old abalone shells.The bleach cleans the cracks were the wire wheel can not reach. The bleach will also.

Good sturdy condition a few wear marks on the Abalone shell. For 5 regular sized wine bottles 8 cm in diameter. I found similar pewter online without the Abalone shell for $90 before taxes. I have hundreds of ads, purchase from more than 1 ad and I reduce pricing Abalone shells have holes in them, so ensure any hot embers don't fall through onto flammable materials such as carpet or bed linens ; If the smudging sticks have been resting in the abalone shell for awhile, the shell may get hot, so use caution when handling it; Smudging with abalone shells . So, there you go

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Delivery & Pickup Options - 45 reviews of American Abalone Farms This place is a bit difficult to find, but the exit is just a little opening in between some bushes of some sort with a small sign. If you drive too fast you will miss it. It would also be smart to bring a GPS just in case. Its basically an Abalone farm, they have both retail and wholesale. $5 for small ones $10 for medium $15. There are many reasons the abalone shell has been used in Native American cultures for generations. Within their culture, it was believed that when abalone shells are used in conjunction with sage the messages of the Native American people will be carried up to heaven Large groups of abalone shells indicating human settlement, or middens, date back 7,400 years. Abalone shells were also traded along routes starting in southern California and reaching east of the Mississippi River. White abalone continue to live in the coastal waters of Southern California and Mexico Abalone Pearl Color: Intense iridescent greens and blues with overtones of mauves, purples and oranges Shape: Conical shape pearl still in shell and a wing pearl alongside it Size: Conical pearl: 90 x 40 x 28mm Wing pearl: 70 x 12mm More Photos Price: $23,160 Contact Kari to purchase this pearl. Mention Enormous Natural Abalone Pearl from New Zealand Large iridescent multi-color abalone shells. Use for display or crafting. Call 509 Threetwoeight-twotwoeighteight (NO texts

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IMIKEYA Abalone Shell Stand,Wooden Tripod Stand for White Sage,Cobra Crystal Ball Stand for Abalone Shells ,California White Sage Smudge Stick Stand Display Holder 3.9 out of 5 stars 18 $20.99 $ 20 . 9 Abalone vary in size from 20 mm (0.8 in) (Haliotis pulcherrima) to 200 mm (8 in) while Haliotis rufescens is the largest of the genus at 12 in (30 cm).The shell of abalones is convex, rounded to oval in shape, and may be highly arched or very flattened.The shell of the majority of species has a small, flat spire and two to three whorls.The last whorl, known as the body whorl, is auriform. Abalone jewelry is excellent to wear when you are in need of guidance in a relationship because abalone shell jewelry is said to encourage the four C's—communication, cooperation, commitment and compromise—leading to a harmonious and balanced relationship Mar 2, 2020 - Explore Barbara Hallbourg's board Abalone shell ideas, followed by 107 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about abalone shell, abalone, shell crafts

wholesale abalone shells. Seeking the best wholesale abalone shells with good quality and affordable prices from DHgate Australia site. We provide a variety of wholesale shell chandelier online supplied by reliable sellers around the world. Helping you step by step of finding cheap scallop shells wholesale is what we aim for. Enjoy exploring our range of pandora shell shop and find the food. Q-PARTS INC.. Office: +1(213) 674-7346 Fax: +1(213) 674-734 6571 Abalone Shell Ct is a house in Las Vegas, NV 89139. This 3,313 square foot house sits on a 9,148 square foot lot and features 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. 6571 Abalone Shell Ct was built in 2003 and last sold for $435,000. Based on Redfin's Las Vegas data, we estimate the home's value is $430,576

Abalone Shell Conchos. Abalone Shell Conchos are natural iridescent blue-green shells. They make attractive focal points on Chokers, Earrings, Necklaces and other regalia items. Two hole Conchos come in 6 sizes: 0.5″ 0.75″ 1″ 1.5″ 2″ 3″ Single Hole discs come in 0.75″ and 1″. We also offer a 1″ heart shaped piece with a single. ABALONE SHELLS - 5 to 6 The shell of a abalone is convex, rounded to a oval shape either highly arched or very flattened. The exterior of the shell is striated and dull. The color of the shell is very variable from species to species, which may reflect the animal's diet A 1-kilo bag of 25mm abalone shell pieces has approximately 230 pieces, while a 1-kilo bag of 50mm abalone shell pieces has 200 pieces. A 1-kilo bag of 10mm abalone shell pieces has approximately 2,270 pieces. If you want to drill the abalone shell pieces, we recommend drilling them in water with a drill press. We do not offer this service Welcome to Pacific Rim Abalone. We wholesale sustainably farmed abalone shells. Nothing is imported or taken out of the sea

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Abalone shell comes in a range of shades including blue, green, black — even pink and red. For use in jewelry, each abalone shell is cut and polished to reveal a striking color display. Abalone shell is most often featured in sterling silver jewelry designs, such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets Farm opens saturday & sunday 10am-4pm Farm opens saturday & sunday 10am-4pm Farm opens saturday & sunday 10am-4pm Farm opens saturday & sunday 10am-4p

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SeaShellCo.Com is the world's premiere online retail store with the largest and most comprehensive collection of shell and sea related products. Seashellco offers the finest quality shells, sea life, home décor, jewelry, accessories and other products from around the world. Whether you are looking to decorate for a party, design and create, accessorize yourself or your home, we have just the. Abalone Shell Holder $5.00 CAD. Baby Red Abalone Shell. Quick View Baby Red Abalone Shell Sold Out. Turkey Feathers. Quick View Turkey Feathers from $2.00 CAD. White Sage - 1 Pound Bag. Quick View White Sage - 1 Pound Bag $49.00 CAD. Small Blue Sage. Quick View Small Blue Sage Sold Out. Palo Santo - Holy Wood.

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Re: Should I get Abalone Shells added to stonescapes midnigh We had the abalone shells added to our first pool, Pebble Sheen in 2008, and now that we have moved and are remodeling the existing pool, it is a must have for us. It made such a difference to me in the Arizona sun Abalone shells starting at $4 in my space at Main Street Antiques in Morro Abalone shells - general for sale - by owner try the craigslist app » Android iO An antique Wakasa lacquered low table, inlaid with abalone shells from Japan, circa 1920s. This type of table is extremely labour intensive. They were not made after the 1950s All-new MicroFlex™ Abalone is remarkably thinner and easier to apply than previous Abalone products! Create stunning inlays and more with these hot new rod decorations. Simply trim, heat up for a few seconds in a microwave or with moderate heat from a heat gun, peel and apply Abalone Shell is considered an organic gemstone whereas most of the gemstones are available deep in the earth. They are composed of crystallized minerals. Our forefathers have used this as a major food source and also in the use of ornamentation. The origin of the Abalone is a shell containing various colors Abalone shells are a very popular material for use as a smudging bowl. But be careful not to handle the shell midway, since heat also transfers to the shell. Abalone shells, being shells, are not bowls, so they sometimes have holes in them. A lot of people also hold off on using shells since symbolically, the shell represents the element of.

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